Ossur brace, orthosis and bandage

At ProBrace you will find many types of braces from different suppliers. ProBrace has made a selection of suppliers and products from a wide range of braces. This also applies to the braces of Ossur.

History Össur braces

Ossur is a family business – founded in 1971 by Össur Kristinsson – an enthusiastic prosthetic maker, which has its roots in Reykjavik, Iceland and has since grown into one of the largest suppliers in the field of prostheses & orthoses and compression therapy. With multiple offices and distribution points in different continents and countries, Ossur bracing with more than 3000 employees is well represented in the world. ProBrace has found a loyal partner in its supplier Ossur BeNeLux in Eindhoven and our collaboration has already proved a success for years.


Vision Össur brace

Össur has over thirty-five years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-tech orthopedic devices to restore maximum natural functions for those who need it. The company is listed and has over 2,200 employees spread over 18 locations worldwide. In addition to ambitious organic growth, innovation and capture of technological progress to enable a life without limitations remain Össur’s main goal.

Össur’s field of work is as much about people as it is about products. Their comfort, confidence and rehabilitation are central to Össur. When Össur develops a product or service, the focus is always on the patient and that this product will help someone to build a better life.

Products Össur

Össur supplies a wide range of products, mainly for prosthetics:

Knees (also computer controlled)
(sports) prostheses

In addition to the prostheses, Össur also has an excellent range of orthoses / braces. The best known of these is the CTI-Custom knee brace. This worldwide renowned knee brace has been protecting many knees and ligaments since 1983. In the early years mainly used among skiers and motocross riders, but nowadays also regularly found in hospitals, both pre- and postoperative. In 2006, the company behind the CTI was taken over by Össur.

The fragment below shows how the production of a CTI knee brace comes about:

But Össur has also earned its spurs with the many OA products (knee wear) such as the OAsys and the Unloader one.

Thanks to our own R&D department and research laboratories, new products can be constantly designed and tested. Össur is known for listening to the customers to include their feedback in the redesign of existing designs or new products. In addition, Össur founded the Össur Academy to share knowledge among orthopedic instrument makers.

Team Össur

Össur has set up “Team Össur” to allow international top athletes as well as recreational athletes to exercise with as few restrictions as possible. Team Össur is an elite group of international athletes with a disability. They are sponsored and serve as an example for all others with disabilities to never give up in their pursuit of a life without disabilities. In addition, new products can be tested on these athletes under the toughest conditions.

At ProBrace.nl we only offer a selection of Össur products, but we can supply everything. If you have a product, know or wish, let us know! Then we can order this product specifically for you!

In our assortment we have added a number of – in our eyes – great orthoses from Ossur.

Ossur brace foot up

The Ossur folding foot brace is now available in two different types. The Ossur Foot-Up Foot Drop Brace and the Ossur Rebound Foot-Up Foot Drop Brace (updated version). In addition, there are a number of accessories available for both, as spare parts or to provide extra comfort. The Ossur Foot-Up drop foot brace has the option to add an Ossur drop foot shoeless bandage or an extra Ossur plastic inlay. You can buy the shoeless bandage from Ossur to also connect the Ossur Foot Up drop foot brace (the band around the ankle) with a band around the foot (Ossur Foot Up Shoeless Bandage). This way you also walk without shoes without tripping or getting stuck. In short, the shoeless bandage from Ossur offers you the opportunity to wear the Ossur drop-foot brace barefoot or with slippers. The Ossur extra plastic inlay gives you the opportunity to leave it in a different pair of shoes, so you don’t have to change the Ossur plastic inlay every time.

The Ossur Rebound Foot Up

The Rebound Foot up from Ossur is an updated version of the drop foot brace based on user experiences and feedback, from resellers and end users worldwide. This new version folding foot brace has a higher wearing comfort, one

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