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This injury page has been developed to inform you about injuries and to advise you on the purchase of orthopedic aids. This includes braces, (sports) bandages or insoles.

Where are your complaints located? Click on the body part where the complaints are located. General information is provided for each injury and condition about the cause, symptoms and treatment method. You will be advised on the best products for your complaints.

These aids can be used preventively, during daily life, during sports or to promote the recovery and healing process of your complaint(s) or injury(s).

Search specifically for your complaint! In the overview, select the part of the body where you suffer and then the complaint.


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What is an injury?

Our body contains muscles, tendons, capsules, ligaments, etc. The moment there is talk of an injury or a complaint, this is because the body has been damaged and hurts. An injury is often a form of physical injury that is characterized by damage and/or irritation of the tissue. In many cases, the body is able to recover from an injury. However, the question is where did the injury come from? If one knows where the injury comes from, a solution can be worked on.

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My injury is not listed

Almost the entire human body is covered, from head to toes. Is your injury not listed? Please feel free to contact us for a completely non-binding advice. We like to think along with you!

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10 / 10

Super brace!

Less pain complaints.

8 / 10

I have had to get used to it, but it has the support that is so necessary. I will have to see a rheumatologist to determine whether this is the right treatment. For now I have the brave less pain complaints.

Fast delivery and good explanation online.

10 / 10

Fast delivery and good explanation online.

Fast delivery and quick contact after email...

8 / 10

Fast delivery and quick contact after email and received good advice Point for improvement, a pity that they could not sell any parts separately

A wide range from which I could choose an...

10 / 10

A wide range from which I could choose an ankle support. I was still unfamiliar and very clumsy with something like this but thanks to quick and friendly help from the probrace online store, I am now on my feet.

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