Experience unmatched mobility and comfort with the iWalk 3.0, as this knee crutch is specially designed to assist you with various lower leg injuries. As an enhanced version of the iWalk 2.0 knee crutch, the iWalk 3.0 provides a perfect fit, stylish design, and a range of benefits. This innovative knee crutch allows you to stay mobile while relieving your body and keeping both hands free for your daily activities.

The iWalk 3.0 is suitable for various situations. It is ideal for use after foot or ankle surgeries, provides effective support for Achilles tendon ruptures, relief for rheumatoid arthritis, and is perfectly suited for various foot deformities. Furthermore, it is indispensable for severe plantar fasciitis issues and supports recovery from fractures or trauma to the foot and ankle.

What makes the iWalk 3.0 the right choice? This knee crutch is designed for both the left and right leg and offers comfort for prolonged use. You gain complete hands-free freedom for your daily activities and will notice that you develop a more efficient walking pattern, contributing to faster recovery. The iWalk 3.0 is usable both indoors and outdoors and promotes an active lifestyle. Designed with innovation and quality in mind, it provides safety and stability with every step you take. You will be amazed by the freedom this knee crutch offers during your recovery.

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    IWalk 3.0 Handsfree Knee Crutch

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