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If, unexpectedly, you are not satisfied with your order, you have the option to return (part of) your order. Feel free to contact us in advance. We are happy to assist you.

Below, you can fill out the return form. For this, you will need your order number and the email address used for the order. Please keep these details handy.

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Return Rules / Return Conditions

During this cooling-off period of 14 days, you can return the product without giving any reasons, starting the day after delivery. Exceptions to this rule are personalized/customized products and all toe articles due to hygiene, if the seal is broken.

Rules & Exceptions

  1. You must return the product, if reasonably possible, in as original a condition as possible and undamaged, in the most original and undamaged product packaging possible.
  2. It must be reasonably possible to resell your return shipment without any additional actions.
  3. The packaging of the item should never be used as the shipping package. An additional shipping package must always be used to protect the product and/or the product packaging from damage. You can use the packaging box that we used to send the product to you for this purpose.

Do you meet all these criteria? Then you can return your order to us without any problems. We recommend that you use our return portal for this purpose. Our returns portal will guide you easily, cost-effectively, and step-by-step to your return label.

If the returned product and/or packaging shows any blameable damage (dirty, visibly worn, animal hairs, discolorations, odor damage, or other damage), this will reasonably be deducted from the refund amount:

Refund of the purchase price
Returns according to the return policy 100%
Missing or seriously damaged packaging 75%
Multiple actions needed to be able to resell the product again 50%
Incomplete or seriously damaged product (unsellable) 25%

The customer may be held liable for the depreciation of the goods resulting from the unlawful use of the goods during the withdrawal period. By this, we mean the use that goes beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the goods.

Costs of the return portal

In the return portal, you can easily create your return label, after which you drop off the letterbox package or package at the service point of your chosen carrier (DPD, PostNL, or DHL).

For returns via the return portal, you will pay a reduced rate by using our service contracts with the carriers.

ProBrace will refund the entire purchase amount, including the calculated shipping and payment costs of the shipment from us to you, within 14 days after acceptance and approval of your return shipment. This includes the possible shipping costs of the initial shipment (from us to you).

The shipping costs for the return are at your expense. Also, when returning part of your order, the initial shipping and payment costs are on your account. The purchase amount of the part of the order you returned will be refunded to you. Shipping and payment costs will not be reimbursed in this case.

Returning on your own

However, if you prefer to decide how to send the package back, the return costs will be entirely at your expense. You can send the package to:

Department Returns
Wiekenweg 61
3815 KL Amersfoort
The Netherlands

If you choose not to use our return portal to send the package and instead send it to us on your own at a post office or another delivery point, you will receive the Track & Trace code. Keep this Track & Trace code safe. This is your proof that you have sent the product to us; without this Track & Trace code, we cannot verify what happened to your return shipment during the shipping process. Please keep this code safe. If the return shipment does not reach us in the end, we cannot process your return and refund. Until the moment of receipt by ProBrace, you are responsible for the return shipment and any depreciation resulting from the shipment.

If you choose to send the return shipment without a Track & Trace code, the entire shipping process is at your own risk. ProBrace cannot take responsibility for return shipments that do not arrive without a Track & Trace code.

Returning in Amersfoort

You can also deliver your order to Amersfoort free of charge. However, we kindly request that you contact us by phone in advance! Your returned item will then be processed in the regular return flow. You will not receive an immediate (cash) payment in this case!

How do we handle returns?

We assess each return shipment individually, taking into account the rules we have mentioned at the top of this page.

If the return shipment is complete and there are no defects/damages to the product or product packaging, a 100% credit will be issued for the total purchase amount (including shipping and payment costs).

If a return shipment is incomplete or there is a defect in the product or product packaging, a credit of 50% of the total purchase amount will be issued.

Examples of how not to return:

  • Using the product packaging as the shipping package (75% credit of the purchase amount)

Verpakking Gebruikt Als Verzenddoos

This image shows how not to return. The packaging of the supplier has been used as the outer box to send the return shipment to us. This is incorrect. Always use an additional shipping package to return the item, including the undamaged product packaging from the supplier. This is also how you received it from us.

  • Unusable product packaging (75% credit of the purchase amount)

Verpakking Niet In Originele Staat
Kapotte Verpakking
Plastic Verpakking Opengescheurd
Verpakking Kapot Gegaan
Kapotte Verpakking Vast Geplakt

  • Unsellable products; wear and tear, color, odor, or other damage (25% credit of the purchase amount)
Vieze Brace Geretourneerd
Product Beschreven


The product and packaging of the product must be returned to us in an undamaged state and complete, just as you received it from us. Unfortunately, this image shows a brace that cannot be returned to our stock in this condition. This customer has unfortunately not taken good care of the brace.

If the product is no longer in new, saleable condition due to customer actions, only a 25% credit will be provided based on the total purchase amount. If your product doesn’t meet the return conditions, we will send you photos for your review and hold the item for 14 days. You have the right to reclaim the item at your own expense within this 14-day period. After 14 days, any rejected return items will be restored to new condition, and unsellable products will be destroyed.

How to Properly Package a Return?

Place the product, including its original packaging, in the outer box provided, seal it securely, and drop it off at the service point of your chosen carrier along with the return label included. See two examples below.

Example of Proper Return Packaging:

Properly Packaged Box

Here, the product, along with its packaging, is placed entirely and undamaged in the outer box. Subsequently, the outer box is sealed, the chosen carrier’s label (over the original shipping label) is affixed to the outer box, and it is dropped off at a service point of the chosen carrier.

Example of Proper Return Packaging:

Properly Returned Mail Parcel

Here, the product, along with the product’s packaging, is placed entirely and undamaged in the outer packaging (mailbox envelope). Subsequently, the outer packaging is sealed, the chosen carrier’s label (over the original shipping label) is affixed to the outer packaging, and it is dropped off at a service point of the chosen carrier.


All credit refunds will be made as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after you have informed us about your withdrawal. We may wait to refund until we have received the products or until you have provided evidence of returning the goods and they have been delivered to us, whichever comes first.

We will always refund you using the same payment method you originally used to make the purchase, as far as technically possible. This is to prevent any fraud with refunds.

If you have any doubts or questions about returning a product or the return process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!


Please note: the above return policy only applies to consumers (private individuals) and not to companies. For more information about business returns, please contact our customer service.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact our customer service team.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


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Fast delivery and good explanation online.

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Fast delivery and good explanation online.

Fast delivery and quick contact after email...

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Fast delivery and quick contact after email and received good advice Point for improvement, a pity that they could not sell any parts separately

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A wide range from which I could choose an ankle support. I was still unfamiliar and very clumsy with something like this but thanks to quick and friendly help from the probrace online store, I am now on my feet.

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