Össur CTi3 Kneebrace



The Össur CTi 3 Knee Brace is the latest version carbon knee brace, specially designed for super comfort, a perfect fit and a sturdy carbon frame for optimal stabilization.


Össur CTi 3 Knee Brace – For professional protection of your knee!

CTi®3 is the latest addition to the successful series of CTi braces. Even lighter than the CTi2 or CTi OTS, the CTi3 is a comfortable, lightweight and durable ligament knee brace that stabilizes the knee joint. They managed to make the profile and hinges of the brace even slimmer, thanks to the anatomical design, the CTi3 is ideal for both daily activities and sports.


  • Instability due to rupture of the anterior and/or posterior cruciate ligament (ACL/PCL)
  • After a ACL / PCL reconstruction
  • Complex instability (traumatic or degenerative)
  • To limit the range of motion of the knee joint (e.g. after injury to the collateral ligaments, suture or replacement of a meniscus)
  • Rotational instability of the knee
  • Combined instabilities
  • Prevention of serious knee traumas during heavy (sporting) activities

Features and benefits of CTi3

  • Very lightweight carbon composite
  • Improved construction
  • Improved anatomical fit, making it suitable for a wider variety of leg shapes
  • Redesigned hinge with an even thinner profile
  • Easy to combine with Ski / snowboard / wakeboard boots thanks to standard shortened lower leg shell
  • Unique liners / inner lining for increased comfort
  • Improved cushioning and ventilation
  • User-friendly accessories and spare parts can be ordered

Determine the correct size of the CTi3

Because the CTi3 is a ‘high performance’ rigid knee brace, it is necessary to accurately determine the width of the knee brace. A large caliper or a book/block hook can be used for this. The video below explains simply and step-by-step how the measurement works:


How to fit your CTi3


At ProBrace, we understand the unique needs of motocross racers, which is why we strive to offer the best products to meet your high standards. With our years of expertise and dedicated customer service, we are happy to help you find the right support and knee protection for your motocross adventures. Trust ProBrace and enjoy optimal performance and safety on the track!


Weight 1 kg

S, M, L, XL


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Frequently asked questions

I'm still in the process of training after an anterior cruciate ligament rupture. Will the brace still fit after rehabilitation?

Certainly, the circumference measurements of the muscles can be accommodated by the adjustable straps. The width of the knee doesn’t change due to training. However, the brace comes with 3 different thickness ‘pads’, allowing for adjustment of the knee width. For instance, this might be useful when wearing the brace over a wetsuit.


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