Össur CTi Strap Kit



Össur CTi Strap Kit Tire set for the CTi Knee Brace. Contents: 6 tires (4 pieces rear, 2 pieces front for OTS).


Össur CTi Strap Kit Tire set for the CTi Knee Braces

With intensive use in sandy or wet environments, the Velcro straps can be subject to wear more quickly. The Ossur CTi strap Kit is the complete set to give your CTi a second (or third) life.

The Velcro straps are an essential part of the brace to guarantee optimal fixation and support. It is therefore important to replace the Velcro straps in a timely manner to ensure the correct level of protection of the CTI knee brace. This Strap Kit can be used on previous and current versions of the CTi Custom and OTS, the CTi3 has a different tire set.

Size Knee circumference
S/M 28-38 cm
L/XL 38 – 44 cm


Weight 2 kg



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