Össur Foot-Up Shoeless Accessory



This shoeless bandage makes it possible to wear the Foot-up brace without a laced shoe or even without a shoe at all.


Foot-up Shoeless Bandage – Support your foot drop even without shoes!

This Shoeless bandage is an accessory that can be ordered separately for the Foot-up drop foot orthosis . This Shoeless bandage can be used instead of the standard supplied plastic lace inlay of the Foot-up . It is not possible to use the Shoeless Bandage without the Foot-up drop foot orthosis.

Thanks to the Shoeless bandage, you are able to use the Foot-up in shoes without laces or in slippers, ballerinas or with bare feet.

Support Class 2

Dimensions for the foot up shoeless bandage

You can easily determine your size yourself. For this you only need to measure the circumference of your foot in the middle of the instep. You can then determine the correct size in the table below.

Foot size Measure
< 20 cm small
20 – 24 cm Medium
24 – 28 cm Large
> 28 cm X-Large

The Shoeless bandage can be worn on the left or right and is available in black or beige. The shoeless bandage cannot be used without the Ossur Foot-up drop foot orthosis.

Attention!: This item can not be combined with the Rebound or Boxia drop foot braces!





S, M, L, XL



Support classification



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