Thuasne Sports Ankle Support with BOA



The Thuasne Sport Ankle Brace with BOA closure is a sturdy ankle brace and very suitable for wearing during active sports. The BOA closure makes it very easy to adjust the ankle brace for the right amount of compression.


Thuasne Ankle Brace with BOA closure – Online nowhere cheaper!

This sports ankle brace from Thuasne is made to give you back confidence in your ankle. After an ankle sprain, torn ankle straps or even torn ankle straps , the ankle can be swollen and sensitive. Walking or walking can be difficult or even impossible. The ankle joints are stabilized and supported with the rigid ribs in the Thuasne sport ankle brace. As a result, the ankle ligaments, also called ligaments, do not end up in their final position and are unintentionally overloaded. This gives these structures the opportunity to recover.

The ribs of the Thuasne Ankle Brace are fixed around the ankle joint with a BOA closure. This closure is often used in ski and cycling shoes and ensures that you can close the ankle brace quickly and properly. The extra strap will provide even more lateral stabilization.

Indications Thuasne Sport Ankle brace BOA

  • Torn or torn ankle straps
  • Ankle sprain and / or sprain
  • Inversion trauma (supination)
  • Eversion trauma (pronation)
  • Arthrosis
  • Rheumatic disorder
  • Unstable ankle
  • Post-operative
  • Non-specific ankle complaints
  • Impingement

Support class 3

Features and benefits Thuasne Sport Ankle braces

  • High support in combination with a very thin design
  • Can be put on with one hand
  • Easy to adjust with the BOA closure
  • Soft lining for extra comfort
  • Suitable for sports

Determine the size of the Thuasne Sport Ankle Brace BOA

It is important to order this product in the correct size. For this you need to measure your own ankle size. You do this by placing the centimeter around the thinnest part of your lower leg. If you do not have an inch nearby, you can also use a shoelace to lay it along a ruler. The table below shows you exactly which size is most suitable for you. When in doubt, we advise you to take the smallest size.

measure ankle brace


Measure Ankle size
Small 19 – 22 cm
Medium 22 – 26 cm
Large 26 – 30 cm


  • Did you know that?! it is better to close the Velcro straps after use. This keeps the fabric of the ankle brace longer and the Velcro longer.
  • It is best to wear a sports sock under this ankle brace. This improves comfort and can sometimes also ensure that the ankle brace fits better.
  • This ankle brace can be worn preventively when the rehabilitation period is over. This prevents a new injury! After all, prevention is better than cure 🙂

Product video Thuasne Sport Ankle Brace BOA


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S, M, L



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