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The Boxia Plus from Orliman is a One-Hand-On drop foot brace that can be put on with one hand. Can be worn both right and left! Nowhere cheaper available!


Boxia Plus Foot Drop Brace Orliman – one-handed operation!

The Boxia Plus Drop Foot Brace is a One-Hand-On Drop Foot Brace. Which means that it is easy to put on with one hand. Very useful for people with limited hand function.

This drop foot brace is a very useful tool for people with limited hand function. This folding foot brace can be put on with one hand! You place the strap around the ankle and close the Velcro straps. Then pull the elastic through the ring at the front and place the elastic behind the supplied lace-ring hooks.

– 1x boxia plus folding foot brace
– 1x inlay for between the laces
– 1x elastic
– 8x hooks lace ring hooks (so you can easily switch between different shoes)

A drop foot brace is a relatively simple aid that is applied around the lower leg and the elastic of which is connected to your shoe. This elastic ensures that your foot is pulled up during the swing phase of walking.

In addition to this folding foot brace , there is also the possibility of a Boxia shoeless bandage . Place this boxia shoeless bandage around your foot and then attach it to the elastic. This way you can also use your drop foot brace without shoes or with slippers.

Indications Orliman Boxia Plus Foot Drop Brace

  • Paresis of the foot lifters (foot drop)
  • Damage to the nerve (s) of the lower leg
  • Damage to the muscle (s) of the lower leg
  • Reduced strength in the lower leg

Class 2

Features and benefits Boxia Plus Folding Foot Brace

  • Can be pulled with one hand!
  • Universal product: can be worn on both left and right!
  • Reinforced Velcro system
  • Very durable material
  • High wearing comfort
  • Can also be worn during sports (cycling, walking, etc.)
  • Can also be worn while driving

How do you measure the Orliman Boxia Plus Drop Foot Brace?

The Orliman Boxia Plus drop foot brace is available in 3 sizes and can be worn on both the right and left side . When in doubt between two sizes, we recommend the smaller of the two.

  Size ankle (cm)
1 14-20 cm
2 20-26 cm
3 26-32 cm




1, 2, 3



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