Thuasne Ortel Inguinal Hernia Belt

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The fracture band can be used for a groin fracture on the left or right side or on both sides. The hernia band has a high wearing comfort due to the silicone pad.


Thuasne Ortel Lies Fracture Band – The help against an inguinal hernia!

This Thuasne Ortel hernia band can be used for a groin or abdominal wall fracture on the left and / or right side. Due to the removable and replaceable silicone pad, this hernia band has a higher wearing comfort and greater effectiveness.

Maintaining the Ortel Fracture Belt is very simple. You only wash the fracture belt by hand at 40 ° C with a mild detergent without bleach or fabric softener. After washing, strip this groin fracture belt of moisture by pressing (do not wring) and dry the fracture belt out of reach of a heat source, in the air.

Indication statements Ortel Groin hernia

  • Single-sided inguinal hernia
  • Double-sided inguinal hernia

Features and benefits of the abdominal fracture belt Thuasne

  • Can be used on the left and right
  • Easy to wear under clothing
  • Soft silicone pad

How to measure  

Measure the size of the waist for the correct size (see illustration above). The Ortel Fracture Belt is available in 2 versions, single-sided and double-sided. Due to the unique buckle system, it is possible to wear the single-sided fracture belt on both the left and right side (see explanation below how) . The color of the product is gray.

Measure Size of the waist (in cm)
1 75-85 cm
2 86-97 cm
3 98-110 cm
4 111-125 cm

Instruction for single-sided fracture belt. The single-sided fracture band can be used for a groin fracture on the right or left side.

The right side:
The single-sided fracture band is supplied for a groin fracture on the right side. You must remove both plastic guides one after the other and then follow the provided installation instructions.

The left:
You need to remove the small strap and put it on the other side (inside). Then tighten the buckle using the two plastic guides and turn the buckle over and put it back in place (with the metal hook outwards). When you have done that, remove the two plastic guides one after the other and reverse the mounting. The fracture band is now adjusted for a groin fracture on the left side, please follow the included installation instructions.


Product video – How to put on the Thuasne Ortel Groin hernia?




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  1. Frans Luning-

    Prima oplossing. Operatie voorlopig van de baan.

  2. Luuk Aarts-

    Deze liesbreukband gekocht na mijn operatie aan mijn lies. Ze hebben een gaasje geplaatst in mijn buik. Deze liesbreukband zat erg fijn en hielp goed om te voorkomen dat ik niet weer een liesbreuk kreeg.

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