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Relieve your arm with the Teyder Tennis Arm Brace against a tennis elbow or golf arm. The pressure on the tendons and muscles ensures that the pain decreases quickly! Now temporarily very competitively priced!


Teyder Tennis Arm Brace for the tennis elbow!

This tennis elbow brace is a great tool to get rid of your tennis elbow in a few weeks! Wear this tennis elbow brace on your arm during the day and adjust it by pulling on the strap. The tighter you put on the strap, the more compression it provides on the tendons and muscles. Place the silicone pad on the beginning of the muscle, often this is exactly on the painful spot. See also our blog about the tennis elbow for the best tips! Only available via www.probrace.nl!

Indications Teyder Tennis elbow brace

  • (Resumption) sports activities
  • Tennis elbow / Tennis elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow (place the silicone pad on the inside of the forearm)
  • deaf fingers
  • Loss of strength in the forearm and hand
  • Preventing Recurrences / Recurrences

Class 2

Features and Benefits Teyder Tennis Arm Brace

  • Recommended by specialists and athletes!
  • Very effective in the above indications
  • Universal product (can be worn on the right or left), in 1 size and can be used as a tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow brace
  • Easy to apply with one hand
  • Silicone pad on the inside, for optimal fixation
  • Great value for money

How can you measure the Teyder Brace Tennis Arm?

This product is a universal product (can be worn on both sides) and is available in one size.


  • Do not pull the strap too tight. It is a utopia to think that ‘tighter heals faster’. Patience is a virtue!
  • Wear this tennis elbow brace during the day, not at night.
  • This tennis elbow brace can also be used as a golfer’s elbow brace. Place the silicone pad on the inside of the forearm.




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