Teyder Single-Sided Inguinal Hernia Belt



This single-sided inguinal hernia band from Teyder can be used for the treatment of a single-sided inguinal hernia. You wear this inguinal hernia band as a conservative treatment for an inguinal hernia or as support before or after surgery.


Want to buy Teyder Single-sided Inguinal Hernia Belt?

A single inguinal hernia band (from Teyder) is used for people who have suffered an inguinal or low abdominal wall hernia.

What is an inguinal hernia?

An inguinal hernia causes a tear (hernia) in the abdominal wall. This usually happens in the groin area. Treatment for an inguinal hernia is often surgical or conservative. However, conservative treatment can also serve as support before or after surgery. Would you like to receive more information about this? Feel free to contact us and ask one of our specialists for free advice.

Want to buy an inguinal hernia band?

You can use an inguinal hernia band if you have suffered a low abdominal hernia. This can be in the groin region, but also when it concerns the lower abdominal wall. The inguinal hernia band supports the abdominal wall by means of a silicone pad. In this way it is prevented that there is too much pressure on the fracture, which could cause the abdominal wall to break (again). This often happens with the smallest movements such as coughing, straining or sneezing. You wear this inguinal hernia band under your clothing, quite low, under the pelvic ridge.

NB: Do you have an inguinal hernia on both sides? Then view Teyder’s double inguinal hernia band .
Tip! The double inguinal hernia band can also be worn as a single inguinal hernia band!

Indications Teyder Inguinal Hernia Belt Single-sided

  • Inguinal hernia ligament on the right or left side
  • (Low) Abdominal wall fracture on the right or left side

Support class_2_probrace

Features and benefits Teyder Inguinal Hernia Belt Single Side

  • Wear on the left or right. Select the side at the top of the page.
  • Easy to wear under clothes
  • Platoon(s) to be moved!
  • Soft pad, to support the abdominal wall / groin region
  • Also available as Double Inguinal Hernia Belt . Tip! The Double Inguinal Hernia Belt can also be worn as a single-sided inguinal hernia belt, thanks to the Velcro-fastened and therefore movable / removable pad(s)!

How do you measure the Teyder Inguinal Hernia Belt Single Sided?

The Teyder Inguinal Hernia Band Single Side is available in a right and a left variant. In addition, you select the size based on the size chart below. To do this, measure the circumference of your pelvis (at the height of where you wear the inguinal hernia band!). See image. The color of the product is beige by default.

teyder inguinal hernia ligament unilateral size of the pelvis

Measure Pelvis size
small 65 – 80 cm
Medium 80 – 100 cm
Large 100 – 125 cm
XL 125 – 135 cm

Tips for wearing the Teyder Inguinal Hernia Belt Single Sided!

  • Place the pad over your underwear, against the inguinal hernia, and close the elastic band around your waist. The waistband should sit fairly low under your waistband (see also the product images).
  • Do you wish to clean the product? Then we advise you to do this by hand washing. Then let the product air dry. Do not put it on a radiator or in a dryer.
  • Did you know that this Inguinal Hernia Belt is also available in a Double Sided Version from Teyder?




S, M, L, XL


Left, Right

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