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Does your child need a sling? Take a look at the Teyder Kinder Mitella! Developed within the Teyder children’s line and easy to put on and take off your child. The Teyder Kinder Mitella also has a high wearing comfort!


Teyder Mitella fot Children – Specially developed for the child!

Has your child broken his or her elbow, an injury to the shoulder or a broken collarbone? The Teyder Kinder Mitella offers the solution! The Teyder sling has been specially developed for the child. Easy to put on and take off independently by your child and with high wearing comfort. The Teyder Kinder Mitella can be worn both left and right and has 2 different sizes (XXS and XS, see below how to measure them).

Indications Teyder Kinder Mitella

  • Broken collarbone or contusion
  • Fracture or bruise in the elbow
  • Dislocation of the dislocated shoulder / shoulder
  • Immobilize the shoulder, collarbone or arm
  • Post-operative
  • Inflammation of the tendon / irritation or torn muscle around the elbow or shoulder
  • Swelling (hematoma) around the elbow
  • Any other injury to the shoulder, collarbone or arm

Class 2

Features and benefits Teyder Kinder Mitella

  • The sling is easy to adjust with velcro
  • Easy to use with on and off
  • Child-friendly material
  • Easy to wash with a hand wash

How can you measure the Teyder Kinder Mitella?

For the correct size, measure the length of your child’s forearm; measuring from the wrist joint to the tip of the elbow. The length of the forearm corresponds to the correct size. When in doubt, we advise you to choose the largest size.

 Measure  Length forearm (from elbow to wrist)
 XXS  up to 22 cm
 XS  22 – 27 cm

Is the length of the forearm more than 27 cm? Then look at the Basic Mitella from Teyder or the Premium Mitella from Teyder .

NB: The Teyder Kinder Mitella can be worn both left and right!



  • In addition to washing by hand, it is also possible to put the sling in the washing machine. Place the sling in a pillowcase or laundry bag and set the machine to a delicate wash program. Before using the sling again, let it air dry thoroughly; do not spin!
  • This sling can be worn both left and right, so keep it and do not throw it away after use. Who knows, this one might come in handy!
  • Did you know that!? The Teyder Kinder Mitella is also available with an extra strap around the waist, to prevent your child from moving the upper arm away from the trunk. You can find it here.







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