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Teyder’s Double-sided Inguinal Hernia Belt can be used for the treatment of a double-sided inguinal hernia. You wear this inguinal hernia band as a conservative treatment for an inguinal hernia or as support before or after surgery.


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The Teyder Double Inguinal Hernia Belt is used in people with a double inguinal hernia (inguinal hernia), low abdominal wall hernia or another form of a hernia in the trigonum femorale / trigonum inguinale.

A double inguinal hernia is a condition that occurs more often than we often realize. On average, 7% of all men experience an inguinal hernia. This is somewhat less common in women. About 1 in 5 is female.

Surgery is often chosen for an inguinal hernia. A gauze / mat is placed in front of the fracture. However, practitioners are increasingly opting for conservative treatment.

An inguinal hernia band helps with both treatment methods to support the inguinal hernia, prevent it from getting bigger, protect it and support it in the event of pain (most inguinal hernias are virtually painless).

Tip! The Double Inguinal Hernia Belt can also be worn as a single-sided inguinal hernia belt, because the pad(s) are attached with Velcro and can therefore be moved/removed.

Indications Teyder Inguinal Hernia Tape Double Sided

  • An inguinal hernia on both sides (or possibly single-sided)
  • A (low) abdominal wall fracture on both sides (or possibly single-sided)

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Features and benefits Teyder Inguinal Hernia Belt Double Sided

  • A double-sided inguinal hernia band for both left and right
  • The pad(s) of the inguinal hernia band are attached with Velcro. So you can position it as you wish. You can also remove both or possibly one of them and use the inguinal hernia band as a single-sided inguinal hernia band .
  • Easy to wear under clothes
  • Soft silicone pad to support the groin region / (low) abdominal wall

How do you measure the Teyder Inguinal Hernia Belt Double Sided?

The Teyder Double-sided Inguinal Hernia Belt is available in sizes S to XL. For the right size, first measure the circumference of your pelvis (at the height of where you will wear the inguinal hernia band). See also the image below. Then you can read in the size chart which size is right for you.

measure teyder double-sided inguinal hernia band

Measure Pelvis size
small 65 – 80 cm
Medium 80 – 100 cm
Large 100 – 125 cm
XL 125 – 135 cm

Tips for wearing the Teyder Inguinal Hernia Belt Double-sided!

  • Place the pad over your underwear, against the inguinal hernia, and close the elastic band around your waist. The waistband should sit fairly low under your waistband (see also the product images).
  • The pad(s) of the Teyder Inguinal Hernia Belt are attached with Velcro. You can therefore easily reposition this or possibly remove one of the two, so that you also have a single-sided inguinal hernia band. View Teyder’s single-sided inguinal hernia band here .
  • Do you wish to clean the product? Then we advise you to do this by hand washing. Then let the product air dry. Do not put it on a radiator or in a dryer.




S, M, L, XL

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