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The Reh4Mat Drop foot brace is a very comfortable drop foot brace that you can easily attach and detach by using the BOA closure on the front. Always the best price via!


Reh4Mat Folding Foot Brace – Always the best price via!

The Reh4Mat Drop foot brace is a brace for a drop foot that you can easily tighten and loosen with one hand using the BOA closure (the wheel at the front).

You place the Reh4Mat Folding Foot Brace around your ankle with a Velcro closure. Place the supplied hooks once in the lace rings of your shoes (as shown & explained in the supplied manual).

You can place the strings of the drop foot brace behind the hooks of the lace rings. By then turning the BOA wheel you build up the tension and a pulling force is created at the forefoot. This prevents you from getting caught with your forefoot, or – even worse – tripping.

Would you like to take off the Reh4Mat Klapfoot Brace? Or a little less tension? Then you simply pull the BOA wheel forward -with one hand- and the tension is immediately gone.

– 1x Reh4Mat Drop foot brace
– 2 pieces of lace hooks

Indications Reh4Mat Drop foot brace

  • Partial paresis of the foot lifters (foot drop)
  • Damage to the nerve(s) of the lower leg
  • Damage to the muscle(s) of the lower leg
  • Decreased strength in the lower leg
  • Difficulty raising the foot (foot lifter’s paresis)

Class 2

Features and benefits Reh4Mat Drop foot brace

  • Can be put on with one hand!
  • Universal product: can be worn both left and right!
  • Reinforced Velcro System
  • Very durable material
  • High wearing comfort
  • Can also be worn during sports (cycling, walking, etc.)

How do you measure the Reh4Mat Folding Foot Brace?

The Reh4Mat Drop Foot Brace is available in one size and can be worn on the right or left .

Tips for wearing the Reh4Mat Drop Foot Brace!

  • Do you change shoes more often? In order not to change the supplied brackets every time, we recommend that you order a few extra brackets .
  • It is best to clean the Reh4Mat Folding Foot Brace by hand washing. Do not place this product in a washer/dryer. Then let the product air dry. Do not expose it to a heat source (such as a radiator).





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