Reh4Mat Shoe Attachment Hooks Accessory



You can easily place the Reh4Mat Shoe Attachement Hooks through the lace rings of your shoe. As standard, 1 pair of hooks is supplied with the Reh4Mat Drop Foot Brace. This product is an extra pair of hooks. You can place these in a different pair of shoes, so that you don’t have to move the hooks to a different pair of shoes every time.


Reh4Mat Shoe Attachment Hooks for the Reh4Mat Drop Foot Support

These Reh4Mat Shoe Hooks are specifically intended as an accessory for the Reh4Mat Drop Foot Brace. In this way, when you wear the Reh4Mat Drop Foot Brace (around the ankle), you do not have to take your hooks out of the lace rings every time and place them in a different shoe. This way you can easily change shoes.

Indications Reh4Mat Shoe Attachment Hooks

  • A drop foot
  • A foot lifter’s paresis
  • Foot lifter muscle support
  • To support lifting the feet while walkin

Features and benefits Reh4Mat Shoe Attachment Hooks

  • Hooks that can be placed through the lacing rings
  • Easy change of shoes possible due to multiple hooks
  • The hooks are very small and barely stand out that way

How do you measure the Reh4Mat Shoe fastening hooks?

This product is an accessory for the Reh4Mat Drop Foot Brace. There are always 2 pieces (1 pair) delivered.

Tips for the Reh4Mat Shoe Mounting Hooks!

  • Place the Reh4Mat Shoe Attachment Hooks in each pair of shoes, so you don’t have to switch them between your shoes. In this way you can easily put on your shoes and connect the Reh4Mat Drop- Foot Brace to the hooks.
  • The Reh4Mat Shoe mounting hooks are easy to attach by means of screw thread through the lace rings.
  • Place the Reh4Mat Shoe Attachement Hooks at a desired ‘height’. The further forward you place the hooks (towards the toes), the greater the pull on your foot will be. This raises your foot ‘more’.


Weight 0,1 kg

Set of 2 pieces


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