Orliman Double-Sided Inguinal Hernia Belt



The classic double-sided inguinal hernia belt that has been used most often for years with a double inguinal hernia! You can wear the inguinal hernia belt both before and after an operation.


Orliman Double Groin Fracture Belt – Treat your inguinal hernia!

The Orliman Double-sided hernia band is one of the best-selling inguinal hernias in Europe. The classic design has proven successful for years. The inguinal hernia band features comfortable contoured pads that provide pressure in the groin and abdominal regions. This pressure is very important to use preventively and post-operatively in case of a double hernia or abdominal wall fracture. You can wear it both before and after surgery, or to prevent the enlargement of pre-existing inguinal hernia (s) (Hernia Inguinalis) .

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Indication statements Orliman groin hernia

  • Double-sided abdominal wall fracture
  • Double-sided inguinal hernia

Features and benefits Orliman Fracture Belt

  • Adjustable to the position of the double-sided inguinal hernia
  • Easy to wear under clothing
  • Soft pads for optimal wearing comfort
  • Applied successfully for years!

How to measure  

For proper functioning and high comfort, it is important to (yourself) determine the correct size. This is very simple for the Orliman inguinal hernia; you measure your circumference around your waist (over the hips) and look for the matching size in the table below.

The Orliman groin hernia is available in three versions; left, right or double sided.

Measure Size of the waist (in cm)
XS 70 – 78 cm
S 78 – 86 cm
M 86 – 94 cm
L 94 – 102 cm
XL 102-110 cm
XXL 110-120 cm

NB: The Orliman inguinal hernia requires little maintenance. You only wash the fracture belt by hand with a mild detergent without bleach or fabric softener. After washing, strip this groin fracture belt of moisture by pressing (do not wring) and dry the fracture belt out of reach of a heat source, in the air. For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to use two fracture belts and to wear and wash them alternately.




XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL



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