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The Zamst Sport Thumb Brace is a thumb brace that can be deformed by heat. This fits perfectly and is ideal for use during sports activities!


Zamst Sport Thumb Brace – Thermoplastic thumb brace for sports!

The Zamst Thumb Guard Thumb Brace is a thumb brace that can be heated and deformed up to 45x. This anatomically changeable thumb brace adapts to your body by creating an optimal fit, by means of thermoplastic. Time after time! This optimal fit is important for a good balance between maximum freedom of movement, wearing comfort and correct protection. The Zamst Thumb Guard Thumb brace has a thin profile and can easily be worn under a glove.

NB: This thumb brace can be worn left and right.


Indications for wearing the Zamst Thumb Brace for sports

  • Ski thumb
  • Instability complaints to the thumb
  • Overload
  • Rheumatism to the thumb
  • Thumb osteoarthritis
  • Pain in the thumb (during sports)
  • To be used when resuming sports activities after an injury
  • Swelling (excess fluid around the joint)

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Features and benefits Sport Zamst thumb brace

  • More than 45x thermoplastic deformable / modelable by heat
  • Optimal anatomical fit
  • Neoprene material
  • Ideal during sports (can also be worn under gloves)
  • Adjustable thumb strap
  • Easy to put on independently
  • Lightweight
  • Very thin profile, so easy to wear under gloves

Determine your size

Correct size is very important. You can determine your size yourself by 1. measuring the length of your thumb (from the 1st phalange to the wrist) and 2. measuring the circumference of your wrist . You can then find the right size in the table below. When in doubt, take the larger of the two sizes. This thumb brace is supplied in black as standard.

Measure 1. Inch length 2. Wrist size
S. 8 – 9.5 cm 13 – 17 cm
M. 9.5 – 13 cm 17 – 20 cm

NB: This thumb brace can be worn left and right.


  • After use, close the velcro straps to prevent excessive wear
  • Wash the brace by hand or in a laundry bag or pillowcase on a delicates program and let it air dry (no spin!)




S, M




  1. Sanne Winkel-

    Prettige duimbrace tijdens het sporten. ik draag deze duimbrace meestal tijdens het volleyballen.

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