Thuasne Sports Ankle Support with Straps



The Thuasne Sport ankle bandage with strap closure is a universally applicable sports brace. This bandage provides support without being a nuisance. The comfortable neoprene compression prevents moisture build-up around the ankle.


Thuasne Sport Ankle Bandage – Compression and support!

The Thuasne Sport Neoprene ankle bandage with elastic band closure provides support for the muscles without preventing perspiration from evaporating. The bandage is comfortable, but tight to your ankle and does not slip while practicing your favorite sport. The double elastic bands strengthen your joint and limit lateral torsions, which cause most of the ankle injuries. Can also be worn while swimming!

Indications for wearing the Thuasne Sport Ankle Bandage

  • Intra-articular fluid accumulation and swelling in arthrosis and arthritis
  • Swelling (excess fluid in the joint)
  • Band weakness / mild instabilities
  • Sprains / sprains / strains / bruises (distortion) of the ankle
  • Preventive

Support class_2_probrace

Features and benefits of ankle brace with straps

  • Easy to wash in the machine
  • Lightweight
  • Very thin profile, so easy to wear in shoes
  • Very user-friendly
  • Open heel, so also good to use during floor sports (judo, gymnastics, etc.)
  • Support infinitely adjustable thanks to the elastic straps

Determine your size

The right size is very important. You can determine your own size by measuring the size of your lower leg, just above the ankle bumps (see image above). You can then find the correct size in the table below. When in doubt, take the smaller of the two sizes. The ankle bandage can be worn both left and right!

Measure Ankle size
S 19 – 22 cm
M 22 – 25 cm
L 25 – 28 cm
XL 28 – 30 cm




S, M, L, XL



Support classification



  1. Ramona Rambaldo-

    Ik ben zeer tevreden met de probrace

  2. M. Dubbers-

    Chille brace voor het voetballen!

  3. Mark-

    i can play football again with no fear of twisting ankles. I’ve tried many braces and this one is a perfect combination between protection, comfort and ease of use.

  4. Wouter-

    Prima prijs kwaliteit!

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