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It’s in the name: the Thuasne New Design Quatro Rollator. This rollator is the renewed and improved design of the very successful Quatro Rollator from Thuasne. A lightweight, with back strap & seat, foldable and with handy bag! Everything you are looking for!


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The Thuasne New Design Quatro Rollator is the advanced brother of the Thuasne Quatro Rollator . The New Design Quatro Rollator has had a very nice upgrade. The major advantages of this new rollator are:

  • Lightweight rollator (aluminium): this rollator weighs only 7.9 kg!
  • Height adjustable: from 79 – 91.5 cm (arm height)
  • The width: no less than 67 cm (standing and walking space between the wheels)
  • The width (when folded) : only 23 cm! This makes this walker easy to carry.
  • The seat height: is 54 cm (on the seat)
  • The seat depth: is 22.5 cm (on the seat)
  • A beautiful and handy detachable ‘shopping bag’ bag: up to a weight of 5 kg
  • Suitable for men & women with a height of 160 – 190cm.
  • Suitable up to a maximum of 130 kg!

The Quatro Rollators have been a household name in Europe for more than 30 years and the best-selling rollator in Europe (!). The Quatro rollator has been tested as best by KASSA!

Indications Thuasne New Design Quatro Rollator

  • Balance problems (while walking)
  • An insecure feeling (both indoors and outdoors)
  • Limited / short walking range
  • Rapid fatigue (in the whole body)

Features and benefits New Design Quatro Rollator

  • Extra large wheels, suitable for outdoor & indoor use!
  • The seat is lined, for extra comfort for the buttocks!
  • With handy back support, for support when you want to sit (shortly)!
  • With handy and ergonomic brakes & handbrake function
  • Including ‘pavement climber’: a footrest on the inside of the wheels, so that you can easily get onto the pavement!
  • The cables are all incorporated in the frame! In this way you will never get stuck behind something, with broken brake cables as a result.

Tips! How do you set up a walker?

A walker is a very useful walking aid when used correctly. If a walker is not used correctly, you run the risk of walking with hunched shoulders, which can result in neck and shoulder problems. How do you set up the rollator?

  1. Stand up straight and let your arms hang by your sides.
  2. The center of the handles should be level with your wrists. If this is not the case, you can easily adjust the handles higher or lower (per 2.5 cm).
  3. When the center of the handles is level with your wrists, your rollator is correctly adjusted.

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