Thuasne Move Light Rollator



The Thuasne Move Light rollator is a lightweight rollator with comfortable anatomically shaped handles. Comes standard with a basket, seat and soft backrest.


Thuasne Move Light Rollator – Perfect seating comfort!

The Thuasne Move Light rollator is a stable lightweight rollator. Supplied as standard with a tray, storage basket and stool holder. A big advantage of the MoveLight rollator is the very stable and padded back support, so you can always take a moment of rest when necessary.

Indication settings rollator

  • Balance issues
  • Limited walking range
  • Rapid fatigue

Features and benefits rollator

  • Large wheels, suitable for outdoor use
  • Very comfortable back support
  • Equipped with basket and tray
  • Anatomically shaped handles
  • Standard walking stick holder
  • Foldable
  • Hand brakes

The correct adjustment of your rollator

A walker can be used correctly if it is correctly set up. With an incorrectly adjusted rollator you run the risk of walking with hunched shoulders, which can result in pain in the neck and shoulders. Fortunately, setting up a rollator is very simple:

  1. Stand up straight and let your arms hang by your sides
  2. The center of the handles should be level with your wrists in this position
  3. If this is not the case, you can simply adjust the handles higher or lower.

To colour

The Thuasne Move Light rollator is available in silver and blue.





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