Thuasne Malleo Dynastab Ankle Support



The lightweight Thuasne Malleo Dynastab with lacing is the latest ankle brace from Thuasne. An extra thin profile so that it can be easily worn in the shoe.


Thuasne Malleo Dynastab Ankle brace with lacing – thin and comfortable!

The lightweight Dynastab ankle brace gives maximum stability to the ankle joint. The brace is comfortable, stable and of very good quality. The elastic straps provide extra support without hindering the ankle.

Minimal thickness, so fits in any shoe!
An important advantage of the Thuasne Malleo Dynastab ankle brace is the choice of materials for thin lightweight materials. This makes the brace easy to wear in all shoe types.

In addition, the brace is equipped with reinforcing spirals which are anatomically shaped for optimal wearing comfort, making the Thuasne ankle brace ideal for daily use.

Ankle braces indications

  • Conservative treatment of tendonitis
  • After-treatment of an ankle fracture
  • Arthrosis
  • (Chronic) ankle instability
  • Impingement
  • Injury from sports

Support class 3

Features and benefits of this ankle brace

  • Not completely rigid, making it also very suitable for long-term use
  • Easy to keep clean
  • To be closed with a lacing system
  • Extra thin profile and therefore easy to wear in shoes

Determine your size

You can easily determine the correct size by measuring the circumference of the ankle just above the protruding ankle bones (malleolii). See also the image above. You can find the right size in the table below. When you are on a limit size, we advise you to order the smaller size.


Measure Ankle size
1 19 – 22 cm
2 22 – 26 cm
3 26 – 30 cm

The Thuasne Malleo Dynastab can be worn both left and right.


  • We advise to wear a (sports) sock under the brace, to protect the skin against possible stitching
  • Always close the Velcro strips after use to prevent tangles and contamination of the Velcro fasteners




S, M, L



Support classification



  1. Simone Notten-

    Ik heb deze enkelbrace bij jullie gekocht tijdens het evenement van de Nijmeegse vierdaagse en ik loop er nu al 1,5 jaar mee hard. Echt super kwaliteit! Ik zal jullie verder aanraden 🙂 Liefs, Simone!!

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