Thuasne LombaMum Pelvic Support



The solution for back and pelvic pain during pregnancy! The 2 different belts for abdominal support at the bottom make it possible to wear the belt from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy.


Thuasne LombaMum – Support during pregnancy!

The Thuasne LombaMum maternity belt is a unique back strap for use during pregnancy. In pregnant women, one in two women has back and pelvic pain. This back strap offers support without exerting pressure on the abdomen. The back strap can also be used for sacro-illiacal pain during pregnancy and other pelvic pain in pregnant women.

Due to the use of soft materials, among other things obtained from bamboo and strong Velcro, the LombaMum is a very comfortable, attractive and comfortable back strap that guarantees optimal support for a day with different activities.

The LombaMum Maternity Belt is the only back strap on the market with one universal size for the entire pregnancy. The maternity belt is suitable for women with a waist size of 82 to 125 cm. The application of the back strap is facilitated by the hand loops and the lips that help center the tension strap.

Pregnancy band indication statements

  • Low back pain during pregnancy
  • Sacroiliac pain
  • Pelvic instability
Support class 3

Pelvic belt features and benefits

  • Grows ‘along’ during pregnancy
  • Easy to put on thanks to the pull-on loops
  • Can also be worn under clothing

How to measure

In principle, it is not necessary to measure a size for the Thuasne LombaMum. The lombaMum is available in 1 size and suitable for women with a waist size between 82 and 125 cm . This is possible thanks to the interchangeable front (narrow and wide).





One size

Support classification



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    De lombamum bekkenband zit echt heel lekker!

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