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This Ligaflex Clavicula Junior clavicle bandage is a posture corrector, shoulder brace and clavicle brace in one. Has your child broken his or her collarbone? This clavicle brace immobilizes the clavicle for quick recovery.


Children’s Clavicle Brace Thuasne – Treat a broken clavicle!

Is your child’s collarbone broken or bruised? Are his / her shoulders forward? Do you want to correct the posture? This Ligaflex Clavicula Junior is a posture corrector that slightly pulls the shoulders back and thus ensures that the spine is kept more straight. In addition, this clavicle brace pulls the clavicle and shoulder joint into the correct position for recovery, so that children do not have complications with their shoulder (s), AC joint and / or SC joint in later life. This clavicle brace is available in one size and can be cut to size. For the right size: see the size chart below.

Clavicle brace or sling for a broken collarbone?

If your child has broken his / her collarbone, you can choose to have it healed using a clavicle brace or using a sling / shoulder sling . A sling is an easy solution and prevents your child from using the arm at all. In the initial phase often a good tool (since total rest is then desired). At a later stage, however, it is often better to choose to wear a clavicle brace, which ensures shared immobilisation of the entire shoulder girdle and proper growth of the joints and capsule. In this way, the arm can be used. Are you unsure? We are always available for appropriate advice !

Indication statements children clavicle brace

  • A broken collarbone (clavicle fracture)
  • Correcting the position of the spine
  • Back holder (to improve posture)
  • (Extreme) protraction of the shoulder girdle
  • Kyphosis of the upper back
  • Can be used for neck complaints (ask for advice first)
  • Shoulder instabilities
Support class_2_probrace

Features and benefits of clavicle brace for child

  • Two straps crossing over the back
  • Cut to size (universal)
  • Velcro fastening with infinitely adjustable adjustment
  • Comfortable cushions to avoid cutting in the armpits
  • Not visible under clothing
  • Easy to put on and take off without assistance

How to measure

Measure the child’s shoulder width for the correct size. In the table below you can find the correct size for cutting to size. Always measure this clavicle brace under adult supervision.

Measure Size
1 <20 cm
2 20 – 24 cm
3 25 – 29 cm
4 30 – 34 cm

NB: The Thuasne children’s clavicle brace comes standard in the color blue.


  • Always close the Velcro strips after use to preserve the material
  • Wash this brace by hand, at a maximum of 30 degrees, without detergent or bleach. Do not wring it out, but let it air dry.




One size

Support classification



  1. Sharon-

    Gebruikt in de 2e fase van herstel na een sleutelbeen breuk bij mijn dochter van 12. Zij vond deze brace echt heel prettig. Super product. Bedankt nog voor het advies!

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