Thuasne Immo Classic Arm Sling



The Thuasne Immo Classic Shoulder Mitella is a shoulder sling for supporting and fixing the elbow, upper arm and shoulder.


Want to buy Thuasne Immo Classic Shoulder sling – Shoulder sling?

The Thuasne Immo Classic sling is a basic shoulder brace for fixing and supporting the elbow and ideal for use with a shoulder fracture, trauma injuries of the elbow and chronic or neurological problems around the shoulder girdle. This sling is made of breathable foam padding that ensures optimal wearing comfort. In addition, the sling can be accurately adjusted with the infinitely adjustable straps.

Maintaining the shoulder sling is very simple. You only wash the sling by hand at 40ºC with a mild detergent without bleach or fabric softener. After washing, remove the sling from water by squeezing (do not wring) and dry the sling out of reach of a heat source.

NB: The Immo Classic Shouldersling can be worn left or right.


Indications of the Immo Classic Shoulder Sling

  • Shoulder problems
  • Post-operative
  • Chronic shoulder complaints
  • Neurological problems around the shoulder girdle
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Features and benefits of the Immo Classic Shoulder Sling

  • Much more comfortable than a standard sling
  • Terry inner lining
  • Easy in use
  • Easy to wash

How to measure the Thuasne Immo Classic Mitella?

For the correct size, measure the circumference of your body around the navel (see illustration). You can then find the correct size in the table below.

Measure Body circumference around the navel (in cm)
1 50 – 71 cm
2 72 – 94 cm
3 95 – 117 cm
4 118 – 140 cm

NB: The Immo Classic Shouldersling can be worn left or right.





1, 2, 3, 4



Support classification



  1. Roel-

    Prima mitella om te gebruiken na schouder uit de kom

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