Thuasne Epi Med ProMaster Elbow Support



Forearm brace to relieve the pain of a tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, relieves irritated elbow tendons. Equipped with adjustable micro Velcro closure & extra silicone inserts to increase pressure.


Thuasne Epi-Med Promaster – Brace for tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow complaints!

A tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow is an overload complaint in which the tendons of the elbow are irritated. An elbow brace puts pressure on the muscle bellies of these tendons, changing the load on these tendons. Not only the reduced size but also the angle of the load ensures that the pain is greatly reduced.

In addition to the well-known Epi Med , Thuasne has now introduced a more luxurious variant within their ProMaster line. The Epi-Med ProMaster offers some advantages over its predecessor. The pads that put pressure on the muscle bellies of the irritated tendons are fitted with new pads. Proprioceptive studs have been applied here for improved relief on the tendons. If required, these pads can be made thicker for extra pressure on the muscle belly. The effect of the brace is increased when this is necessary for severe or long-term complaints.

The new Thuasne Epi-Med ProMaster is dark colored, so it can be worn inconspicuously. The micro Velcro does not stick to your clothes. So you don’t have to worry about unwanted damage to your clothes. One of the biggest user advantages of this new brace compared to its predecessor is that the inside of the brace can be detached. This makes this elbow brace washable, handy for after sports!

It is not recommended to use this brace if you have severe swelling, large bruises, injuries or skin diseases. Inquire first with a specialist.

Indications thuasne elbow strap

  • Tennis elbow (Epicondylitis Lateralis)
  • Golfer’s elbow (Epicondylitis Medialis)
  • Overload of the flexor or extension muscles in the forearm
  • Irritation to the bone of the elbow
  • Irritation of the forearm tendons that attach to the elbow

Support class_2_probrace

Features and benefits of elbow brace

  • Provides relief for overload complaints on the forearm / elbow
  • Velcro strap ensures good adjustment of the pressure
  • Proprioceptive studs for better relief of tendon
  • Black color is hardly noticeable
  • Micro Velcro does not stick to clothing
  • Inside is removable and washable

How to measure?

You can determine the size of the Thuasne Epi-Med ProMaster yourself. By taking the size of your forearm at 8 cm below the elbow, you can see in the table below which size is right for you. The Epi-Med ProMaster can be used for both left and right .

measure forearm brace

Measure Forearm circumference (in cm)
XS 22-23 cm
S 24-25 cm
M 26-27 cm
L 28-30 cm
XL 31-34 cm




XS, S, M, L, XL



Support classification



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