Thuasne Elbow Crutches for Kids



Looking for walking aids for children? Here you will find the best elbow crutches for a good price-quality ratio! You can choose from comfort (elbow) crutches, for adults and for children!


Crutches for Children (Elbow Crutches) – The best walking aid for children!

The Thuasne Elbow Crutches for Children are crutches specially made for children. The stools are height adjustable (62 – 82 cm) for optimal ergonomic results. The crutches have a reflector on the front of the palm rest for safety, a closed cuff that provides sufficient stability when standing and the crutches have a beautiful color pattern. What child doesn’t want that !?

NB: The crutches are standard delivered in pairs.


Indication statements Children’s Elbow Crutches

  • Balance problems
  • Limited walking range
  • Rapid fatigue
  • Injuries (sprains, post-operative treatment, etc.)

Features and benefits Children Elbow crutches

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Very comfortable sickle-shaped support for comfort and safety
  • Armrest for body weight up to max. 60 kg
  • Comfortable handles for better pressure distribution and higher user comfort
  • Rubber base for the best grip
  • Half open cuff for safety and stability
  • Reflector for extra safety in the dark
  • Adjustable in height at two points for more ergonomic use
  • A beautiful and ‘playful’ color pattern: ideal for children!

Stools for adults: which stools should I choose?

When choosing crutches, there are two criteria to consider: the weight of the user and the service life of the crutches.

<21 days Globetrotter crutches (max 150 kg)
21 – 45 days Globetrotter plus crutches (max 150 kg) or
Comfort crutches (max 130 kg)
> 45 days Comfort crutches (max 130 kg)
<21 days Children’s stools (max 60 kg)


The Thuasne Elbow crutches for Children are supplied as standard in a color pattern (see image).




One size


Left & Right


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