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The Teyder Umbilical Hernia Belt is an elastic band with a silicone pad accessory, which you can place around your waist over the umbilical hernia, abdominal hernia and/or abdominal wall hernia. The Teyder Umbilical Hernia Belt ensures that the fracture is supported, so that it does not get worse. In addition, this band also ensures that the umbilical hernia is no longer visible to the outside world.


Do you want to purchase a Teyder Umbilical Hernia Belt?

The Teyder Umbilical Hernia Belt is the solution for people with an umbilical hernia, abdominal hernia and/or an abdominal wall hernia. This umbilical hernia band is an elastic band that you place around your waist and provides the support to support the umbilical and/or abdominal hernia, to prevent it from protruding.

This product consists of an elastic band that you can fasten with Velcro at a tension as much as you wish. Do you want the band to be very tight? Then pull the strap a little tighter. Would you like to wear this a little looser? Place the Velcro a little less far over the band. In addition to the elastic band, this product also includes a silicone pad, which you can place at any desired location by means of Velcro, to push back the (navel) fracture and ensure that it does not bulge. Which can be very annoying. The umbilical hernia band provides support to the hernia to prevent it from getting bigger. You wear this product under your clothing and simply ensure that the outside world does not see that you suffer from an umbilical hernia and/or abdominal hernia.

Indications Teyder Umbilical Hernia Belt

  • A umbilical hernia (Hernia Umbilicalis)
  • Abdominal wall support
  • Abdominal fracture and/or abdominal wall fracture around the navel

Features and Benefits Teyder Umbilical Hernia Belt

  • Removable silicone pad with terry cloth cover (fastens with Velcro)
  • Easy to wear under clothes
  • Hardly visible under clothing
  • Less warm than regular umbilical hernia belts
  • Easy to wash
  • Product height: 13 cm
  • Diameter silicone pad: +/-11 cm

Hoe meet u de Teyder Navelbreukband aan? 

Dit product is verkrijgbaar in de kleur Beige & Wit en de maten S, M & L. Zie voor de corresponderende maten hieronder de maattabel.

 Size Waist circumference
 Small  72 – 95 cm
 Medium  95 – 130 cm
 Large  130 – 155 cm

Tips for the Teyder Umbilical Hernia Belt!

  • Place the Teyder Umbilical Hernia Belt on your bed, lie on the umbilical hernia belt and then close it with the Velcro fastener. By putting the umbilical hernia band on horizontally, you have less tension on the umbilical hernia and you can close the umbilical hernia band more easily!
  • Wear a shirt/t-shirt under the Teyder Umbilical Hernia Belt if desired, to protect the skin against pressure and friction.
  • Close the Velcro when you take off the umbilical hernia band to preserve the material!
  • Wash the umbilical hernia belt (without the silicone pad) by hand wash and then let it air dry! Please do not place on a heat source such as a heater or dryer. You can let it air dry.



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Frequently asked questions

What is the height of the elastic band?

The height of the elastic band is 13 cm.

Do I need to wear anything under the Teyder Umbilical Hernia Belt?

We recommend wearing a shirt or t-shirt under the Teyder Umbilical Hernia Band in case of any rubbing and pressure spots.