Teyder Syndesmosis Ankle Band



The Teyder Syndesmosis Band is a band for around the lower leg, to support the syndesmosis (connective tissue partition) between the ankle fork: the tibia (shin bone) and the fibula (fibula).


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Teyder’s Syndesmosis Belt provides support for syndesmosis (the connective tissue partition between the shin and fibula). This simple form of compression allows the connective tissue baffle to ‘relax’ and release the worst tension/pressure on this connective tissue baffle, giving it a chance to recover. A widely used and proven method for the treatment of a syndesmosis injury. In addition, this product is also regularly used at Shin Splints.

Indications Teyder Syndesmosis Band

  • An injury to the syndesmosis
  • An overload of the syndesmosis
  • Sprain and/or sprain of the ankle
  • Inversion trauma (supination)
  • Eversion trauma (pronation)
  • An unstable feeling in the ankle
  • Non-specific ankle complaints
  • (Mild) osteoarthritis
  • A post-fracture status (e.g., a Web fracture)

Class 2

Features and benefits of the Teyder Syndesmosis Belt

  • The band is easy to adjust in terms of ‘tightness’
  • Can get wet and can be worn in water
  • Suitable for sports!

Determining the size of the Teyder Syndesmosis Belt

This product is universal (can be worn on both the left and the right) and is available in one size.

Tips for wearing the Teyder Syndesmosis Belt!

  • Place the Teyder Syndesmosis Band just above the ankles and do the band as soon as you wish. Not too tight, but certainly not too loose. The belt must provide sufficient circular compression to allow the syndesmosis to relax.
  • The Teyder Syndesmosis belt is a universal belt (can be worn on the left and right).
  • Did you know that?! This Syndesmosis Band can be worn preventively when the rehabilitation period is over. This prevents another injury! After all, prevention is better than cure 🙂




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