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The Teyder Rib Brace is a elastic bandage that supports your ribs. This is desirable if you have bruised or broken your ribs. This product can be worn during the day, at night, while working or during sports/exercise.


Teyder Rib Support

The Rib Brace from Teyder is an elastic band that can be easily attached to the torso by means of Velcro, often used to support the ribs. However, this elastic band can also be worn at a different height. So if you are looking for a less high elastic band, then this is very suitable for you. This rib brace has a total height of 14 cm.

Also view the 3-panel version (25 cm high) and/or the 4-panel version (33 cm high) from Teyder. All torso bandages / torso braces can be used for all purposes!

Indications Teyder Rib Brace

  • Bruised Ribs / Rib Contusion
  • Broken ribs / a fracture of the ribs
  • Abdominal wall fracture / abdominal fracture support
  • To support the (thoracic) spine (upper back)
  • Fluid retention / edema around the trunk
  • Skin protection
  • Other injuries to trunk or ribs

Features and Benefits Teyder Rib Brace

  • Super price-quality ratio!
  • Very effective in the above indications
  • Easy to put on yourself with one hand
  • Elastic fabric, very stretchy
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees (or hand wash)
  • Total height: 14 cm

NB! Also view the 3-panel version (25 cm height) and/or the 4-panel version (33 cm height)

How can you measure the Teyder Ribbrace?

The Teyder Ribbrace is available in three sizes (S/M, L/XL and XXL) and two colors (Beige and White). You can easily determine the correct size by measuring the circumference of your torso, at the height of where you want to wear the rib brace. Then you can read in the size chart below which size is suitable for you. See also the image below. If in doubt between 2 sizes, we recommend the larger of the two.

upper back size

 Size  Circumreference trunk
 S/M  74 – 95 cm
 L/XL  96 – 117 cm
 XXL  118 – 140 cm


  • Did you know that!? This Ribbrace is a 1-panel torso bandage. A 3-panel or a 4-panel torso bandage is also available! These torso bandages are suitable for all purposes.
  • This product is easy to wash in the machine at 30 degrees. Place the product in a laundry bag or pillowcase. Hand wash is also an option.
  • It is best to always fasten the Velcro straps when you are not wearing this elbow brace? This way the Velcro will not unintentionally stick to everything and it will wear less hard.






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  1. Cobie Beudeker-

    Eerder had ik een buikwand besteld, maar die bleek te breed te zijn; ik ben maar 1.64. Dus te weinig ruimte tussen mijn bekken en ribben. Na één telefoontje met een heel goed advies heb ik een andere band bestel, die perfect past! Lekker zacht, zit stevig én als ik ermee ga zitten, zit hij niet in de weg. Heel goede aankoop. En perfecte service aan mijn vader verleend voor wie ik een andere braceband had besteld.

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