Teyder Premium Knee Support with Flexible Stiffners

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This flexible knee brace from Teyder is the best all-round knee brace in our range. This thin knee brace is easy to put on independently, is invisible under clothing and is currently very affordable!


Premium Knee Brace with Flexible Stiffeners Teyder

The Teyder premium double brace knee brace is an elastic woven knee brace with double support ribs on the inside and outside of the knee, to support the inner and outer knee straps. This knee brace is recommended as the best knee brace for average knee complaints. Think of pain when walking, standing or cycling for a long time. Do you recognize yourself in these complaints? Then this knee brace is the best choice for you!

Indications Teyder premium knee brace with flexible ribs

  • Average knee complaints
  • Average complaints due to meniscus problems
  • Average knee instability
  • Osteoarthritis or rheumatism in the knee
  • MCL or LCL lesion / rupture of the ligaments of the knee
  • An insecure feeling in the knee

Class 2

Features and benefits flexible knee brace with ribs

  • Silicone patellar ring to stabilize the kneecap
  • This knee brace is universal (can be worn on the right and left)
  • Elastic and flexible knee brace
  • Addresses the proprioception of the knee
  • Easy to put on independently
  • Easy to wash
  • High wearing comfort

How to measure the Teyder Premium Knee Brace with Flexible Stiffeners?

This flexible knee brace is available in sizes S – XL and can be worn on both the right and left . You determine your size by measuring the size of your knee (over the kneecap). You can then read your size in the table below.

Knee brace size

Measure Knee size
S <35 cm
M 35 – 39 cm
L 40 – 43 cm
XL 44 – 47 cm

NB: This teyder flexible knee brace can be worn both right and left!





S, M, L, XL



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    Zit goed, geeft goede steun en geen pijn meer.

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    Goede brace veel steun aan mijn knie

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