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Looking for an affordable and comfortable choice of elbow brace? Search no further! The Teyder Premium Elbow Brace is the best tool for your elbow! Temporarily discounted and guaranteed nowhere cheaper to buy!


Want to buy Teyder Premium Elbow Brace?

The Teyder Premium Elbow Brace is a very complete elbow aid! This elbow brace is mainly used for a golfer’s and tennis elbow, but is also suitable for many other conditions ( ask our product specialists for advice) . The aid consists of a compression bandage with a self-adjusting pull band that goes over the forearm. The elbow brace provides a pleasant compression that stimulates the tissues and thus promotes rehabilitation. The pull band is designed to apply pressure to the forearm muscles. With a tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, the tendon attachment of these muscles is irritated. The tendon attachment needs rest to heal. By applying pressure to the muscle belly of this same muscle, just next to this attachment, it will recover much faster.

Indications Teyder Premium Elbow Brace

  • Tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow (Epicondylitis Lateralis or Medialis)
  • Elbow joint problems
  • Tendonitis elbow
  • Osteoarthritis or rheumatic disease
  • Post-operative deployment
  • Non-specific pain complaints in the elbow

Features and benefits Teyder Premium Elbow Brace

  • Elbow brace with compression function
  • Relieve the tendon attachments in the elbow
  • Double PolyGel pad
  • Removable elastic band
  • Velcro closure
  • Easy to do
  • 18 cm long
  • Available in beige and black
  • Ideal to wear with golfers elbow or tennis elbow

How can you fit the Teyder Premium Elbow Brace?

The Teyder Premium Elbow Brace comes in 4 sizes (S-XL) and two colors: black and beige. It is important to wear the right size for optimal performance. The correct size is easily determined by the size of your forearm about 5 centimeters from the elbow (see picture). You can easily read the correct size in the table below. When in doubt between 2 sizes, we recommend the larger of the two.

measuring premium elbow brace teyder

Measure Forearm size
S 22 – 24 cm
M 25 – 27 cm
L 28 – 30 cm
XL 31 – 33 cm


  • Did you know that!? Can you remove this elbow brace with this product? This way you can slowly increase the load on the elbow when the symptoms disappear. We describe this as: converting an elbow brace to an elbow support.
  • Is this product easy to wash with a hand wash? Always allow the elbow brace to air dry, not in a dryer.
  • Is it best to always fasten the Velcro straps when you are not wearing this elbow brace? This way it will not accidentally sit on the knitting and it will wear much less hard.





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