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Need a wrist brace for your child? Search no further! The Teyder Children’s Wrist Brace is an excellent tool for all-round complaints on the wrist. Nowhere cheaper!


Teyder Children’s Wrist Brace – The best for your child!

The Teyder Children’s wrist brace is a slim / thin but sturdy wrist brace where the wrist is provided with good support. The aluminum rib in the wrist brace immobilizes the wrist joint so that the tissues in the wrist have less endurance under load and the chance to heal. This helps the rehabilitation process after, for example, a bruise, (status after a) wrist fracture or can work preventively to prevent a (new) injury. With the Velcro strap, the wrist brace is good to fix the wrist so that optimal support is provided.

Tip! This wrist brace is also available as a wrist and thumb brace. You can view it here .

Indications Teyder Children’s Wrist Brace

  • Support in the repair of a wrist fracture
  • Can be used post-operatively
  • Sprained wrist
  • Non-specific wrist, forearm or hand complaints
  • Irritations to tendons and / or ligaments
  • Various overload injuries

Features and benefits Teyder Children’s Wrist Brace

  • To be used during sports or playing outside
  • Easy to put on
  • Micro velcro / micro Velcro closure
  • Equipped with soft lining
  • Supporting aluminum wrist rib

How can you measure the Teyder Children’s Wrist Brace?

It is important to order the wrist brace in the correct size. The size chart below shows exactly which size will fit best for your child.

wrist circumference wrist brace

Measure Circumference Wrist
Size 1 11 – 13 cm
Size 2 13 – 15 cm


  • Did you know that!? This wrist brace is equipped with micro Velcro? This is a more compact and durable closure than the ‘normal’ Velcro. Moreover, there is almost no dirt on it!
  • Is this wrist brace very easy to clean with water? Always allow the wrist brace to air dry, not in a dryer.
  • This wrist brace is also available as a thumb and wrist brace. See here: https://www.probrace.nl/nl/kinder-polsbrace-duimbrace-teyder.html




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