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The Teyder Children’s Wrist Bandage provides support and compression for common wrist traumas and contributes to functional recovery. The Teyder wrist bandage provides protection during training or playing.


Need a wrist bandage for your child? View the Teyder Children’s wrist bandage!

The Teyder Children’s Wrist Bandage is an easy-to-put wrist bandage that provides compression to your child’s wrist during training or playing. Due to the elastic material, the wrist bandage fits well around the wrist.

The Teyder Children’s wrist bandage can be worn universally (on both wrists) and has a total length of 11 cm.

Indications Teyder Children’s Wrist Bandage

  • Sprained wrist
  • Various overload injuriesblessure
  • Irritations to the ligaments and/or tendons
  • Non-specific wrist complaints

Features and benefits Teyder Children’s Wrist Bandage

  • Can be used during sports or playing outside
  • Easy to put on and take off

How can you measure the Teyder Children’s Wrist Bandage?

It is important to know the size in order to order the correct wrist bandage. The size is based on the size of the wrist. In the overview below you can find which size is suitable for your child.

circumference wrist wrist brace

Measure Circumference Wrist
Size XXS 11 – 12 cm
Size XS 12 – 13 cm

Tips for the Teyder Children’s Wrist Bandage!

  • There are no known contraindications for this product. This product can be worn at all times!
  • The Teyder Children’s Wrist Bandage can be washed in the machine at 30 degrees, although hand washing is preferred. It is important to let the wrist bandage air dry.
  • Does this product not provide enough support? Then also take a look at the big brother: the Teyder Children’s Wrist Brace . This children’s wrist brace is firmer due to the rib on the palmar side.







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