Teyder Finger Splint



The Teyder finger splint is compact and easy to use! Available in different sizes and due to the aluminum the finger splint fits every finger.


Want to buy a Teyder finger splint?

The Teyder finger splint is easy to use. Due to the strong aluminum which can be bent and soft neoprene on the inside, the finger splint fits every finger. The anti-slip ensures that the finger splint remains in place. The product is light and compact.

The Teyder finger splint provides support for an injured finger. The finger splint ensures that the finger can no longer bend and can recover after a bruise or recovery period after a fracture.

This finger splint can be used on either the left or right side of each finger.

Indications Teyder finger splint

  • Splinting the finger
  • Connective tissue in the finger
  • Trigger finger / jump finger
  • m. Dupuytren
  • Broken or bruised finger
  • Arthrosis / rheumatism

Features and benefits Teyder finger splint

  • Compact finger splint
  • To bend on any finger
  • Soft neoprene on the inside
  • Anti slip
  • Prevents bending of the finger
  • Available in several sizes
  • Supports the finger

How can you measure the Teyder finger splint?

The Teyder finger splint is available in 4 sizes (S-XL). Wearing the right size promotes optimal performance. You only need a measuring tape for this. The length of the finger determines the dimensions. You measure the total length of the finger from the knuckle. When in doubt, we recommend choosing the smaller size.

Measure finger length
S. 5 cm
M. 6 cm
L. 6.5 cm
XL 8 cm


  • When you start wearing the finger splint for the first time, we recommend folding the finger splint open. Then place the finger splint on the desired spot on the finger and bend the finger splint around the finger with the other hand.
  • Did you know that!? The finger splint can be worn during the day as well as at night.
  • This product must not be machine washed. Do you want to clean it anyway? This is best done with a wet cloth and let it dry well before using the finger splint again.




S, M, L, XL



Support classification



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    Ik heb al verschillende spalken geprobeerd voor mijn Malletfringer. Met als gevolg wondjes. Met deze spalk kan dat mooi weer helen. Materiaal is licht en makkelijk aan te brengen geen tape nodig.

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