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Do you always collapse when sitting at your desk? Not anymore from now on! This back straight holder ensures that you always sit, stand and walk upright. This back brace corrects your upper back, shoulders and neck.


Want to buy a Teyder back straightener? – The best posture corrector!

In both a sitting and standing position, this back straightener gives your back a tactile stimulus to keep your spine straight as much as possible. Reduce your back pain considerably with a back straightener!

Do you have trouble sitting upright all day? Do you have trouble keeping your back straight when standing? Do your back suffer from a long walk? The Teyder back straight holder ensures that your posture is much better in all starting positions. This elastic and ventilating back straight holder supports your back muscles in its function and your muscles last longer to keep your upper back straight. The Teyder back straight holder corrects your shoulder position, the position of your key bones and indirectly also the position of your cervical spine (neck spine). Would you like to know more about the effects of wearing a back brace or back straightener? Then contact one of our specialists .

Indications Teyder Back straight holder

  • Kyphosis / kyphotic posture (‘crooked upper back’)
  • Reinforced lordosis of the cervical spine (‘reinforced hollow cervical spine’)
  • Neck complaints
  • To be used preventively in; sitting for a long time, standing for a long time, starting back pain, starting neck pain
  • Status after contusion or fracture of the collarbone
  • Protraction of the shoulder girdle
  • Back pain (upper back)
  • Neck complaints

Features and benefits Teyder Back straight holder

  • It significantly reduces your back pain
  • An easy way to correct your posture
  • Easy to wear under clothing
  • Not visible under clothing
  • Ventilating material
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to wash

How do you measure the Teyder back straight holder?

For the correct size, measure the circumference of your torso under the armpits. You can then find the right size in the table below.

measurement of back straight holder

Measure Size
S. <70 cm
M. 71 – 80 cm
L. 81 – 90 cm
XL 90-105 cm
XXL > 106 cm


  • Always wear the back straight holder over (under) clothing with sleeves to avoid any skin irritation in the armpits.
  • The Teyder Back Straightener can be used both preventively and during treatment. Wear the Teyder Back straight holder when you are going to work at your PC, for example, to prevent back or neck complaints.
  • You can easily wash this product by hand washing at a maximum of 30 degrees. Then let it air dry briefly and then you can wear it fresh again.




S, M, L, XL, XXL

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