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Very thin ankle brace with proprioceptive and supportive effect. Very suitable for rehabilitation and prevention of a sprained ankle. Open heel makes the ankle brace ideal for floor sports such as judo & gymnastics!


Teyder Ankle Brace Open Heel!

The Teyder Ankle Brace Open Heel is a light support that does not hinder the mobility of your ankle! The ankle brace supports the ankle joint, promotes blood circulation and temperature of the tissue. The special strap has been applied to support the anklets. This supports the lower hock joint in inversion and eversion direction. The ankle brace prevents the ankle from being in the extreme joint positions and thus stretching the ankle ligaments.

This open heel ankle brace from Teyder is ideally suited for floor sports such as judo & gymnastics because of the open heel.

Indications Teyder Ankle brace open heel

  • Sprained Ankle (Sprained Ankle)
  • Preventive against ankle sprains
  • Insufficient anklets
  • To be used after surgery
  • inversion trauma
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Features and benefits Teyder ankle brace open heel

  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Compression for better blood flow
  • Can be worn on the right or left
  • Thermotherapeutic effect
  • Supports the ankle ligaments
  • Ideal for sports such as gymnastics & judo because of the open heel bandage!
  • Proprioceptive effect

How to measure Teyder Ankle Brace Open Heel

Choosing the right size is important for a good fit and support. You can easily determine this yourself. Measure around the thinnest point of the ankle. This allows you to read the size in the table below. When in doubt between two sizes, it is best to choose the largest size.

Mate Ankle size
small 21 – 23 cm
Medium 23 – 25 cm
Large 25 – 27 cm
XL 27 – 29 cm


  • Fasten the Velcro strap after taking off the ankle brace. As a result, the Velcro does not stick to the fabric and the ankle brace remains of a better quality.
  • When the ankle brace is dirty, you can clean it in a hand wash. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents and allow the ankle brace to air dry.




S, M, L, XL



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    Prima product. Ik vertrouw er op dat hij lang heel blijft.

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