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The Reh4Mat Sport Thumb Brace is a lightweight thumb brace intended for use during sports. The thumb brace is provided with a thermoforming thumb cushion that prevents joint damage or injuries; ideal for an active life.


Reh4Mat Sport Thumb Brace – Thumbs up!

The Sport Thumb Brace from Reh4Mat stabilizes the thumb if the thumb joint has become unstable or if you experience pain when using your thumb. The thumb brace is suitable for sports, daily activities and work. This thumb brace provides support to the thumb joint during activities such as lifting, turning the key, opening gates, writing, etc.
The Reh4Mat Sport Thumb Brace is made of lightweight and the extremely thin fabric Profit and breathable material ActivSpace ™. The ProFit™ is a two-layer fabric that is elastic in all directions and fits snugly on the limbs. The ActivSpace is not elastic which improves stabilization.
The non-elastic X straps of the Reh4Mat Sport Thumb Brace keep the thumb in 1 position and make over-extension of the thumb joint impossible.

Indications Reh4Mat Sport Thumb Brace

  • ski thumb
  • Bruising of the thumb
  • Thumb sprain
  • Injury of the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL)
  • Osteoarthritis (Joint wear and tear on the saddle joint of the thumb)
  • Arthritis: an inflammation of the joint
  • General thumb pain
  • Injury of the thumb

Class 2


Features of the Reh4Mat Sport Thumb Brace

  • Lightweight
  • Fit to hand
  • Can be used by athletes
  • The thumb brace is easy to put on independently
  • There is a left and right version of the thumb brace

How do you measure the Reh4Mat Sport Thumb Brace?

For optimal functioning of the Reh4Mat Sport Thumb Brace, the correct size is very important. To determine the correct size, measure the circumference of your metacarpal under the knuckles of your fingers (see picture). The brace is available for the left and right hand. 

hand size

Measure Hand size
s 16 – 19 cm
m 19.5 – 22 cm
l 22.5 – 25 cm

Tips for the Reh4Mat Sport Thumb Brace!

  • The exterior of ProFit™ is made of spandex and offers excellent compression and absorbency
    muscle twitches during physical activity.
  • Extra loop for the little finger holds the product on the hand and prevents involuntary sliding or
    turning, even with high physical activity.
  • You can easily wash this product. For this it is best to read the washing data in the product description (see included in the box).




S, M, L


Left, Right

Support classification



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