Reh4Mat Dupuytren Finger Splint



The Reh4Mat supports your finger (s) in case of Dupuytren’s disease, osteoarthritis, a trigger finger or another injury where your finger (s) need to be splinted. Nowhere cheaper!


Reh4Mat Dupuytren Finger Splint – The best extension splint for the finger (s)!

The Reh4Mat Dupuytren Finger Splint is used to splint and / or support the finger (s). This is often indicated in Dupuytren’s disease, osteoarthritis of the fingers, status before or after surgery, a trigger finger or other indication where the goal is to splint the finger (s) in a straight position. This splint can be used for the 2nd to 5th ray (from index finger to little finger). You can wear this glove both during the day and at night.

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Note: This product contains one splint. This can be used for any finger.

Indications for wearing the Reh4Mat Finger Splint

In addition to Dupuytren, this finger splint can also be used for:
  • A trigger finger (also called a spring finger)
  • A snapping finger
  • Support of the finger (s) at night
  • Osteoarthritis of the hand / fingers
  • Post-treatment of a mallet finger / hammer finger
  • A pulley rupture / climbing finger
  • Bruises, strains, fractures and contractures of the hand and fingers
  • Dislocation of the finger (s)
  • Post-operative immobilization therapy
  • Mobilizing scars (from burns)
  • Other injuries that lead to a flexion contracture / bend position of your hand and / or fingers

Support class 3

Features and benefits of the Reh4Mat Finger Splint

  • Rigid support for the fingers
  • Adjustable / exchangeable per finger (s)
  • Removable and adjustable ‘ribs’ for a custom fit of the fingers


Determine your size of the Reh4Mat Dupuytren Finger splint

You can determine the size by measuring the size of your hand (see pictures). In addition, you can look at the total length of the product as a reference. When you are on a limit size, we advise you to order the largest size.

Measure Circumference of the hand Total length
Small 17 – 19 cm 11 cm
Medium 19.5 – 22 cm 12 cm
Large 22.5 – 24 cm 13 cm


  • You can bend the ribs as desired to splint your finger (s) in a certain position!
  • We advise you to wear this product during a contracture especially during the night, unless otherwise prescribed by your practitioner.
  • Always close the Velcro fasteners after use to prevent tangles and contamination of the Velcro fastener!
  • Preferably wash the finger splint by hand or in a washing net / pillowcase on a delicate wash program. Let air dry, do not spin!




S, M, L


Left, Right

Support classification



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