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The Push Med elbow brace Epi is a very luxurious and comfortable brace that can be used with a tennis and/or golfer’s elbow.


Push Med Elbow Brace Epi – Pain relief for tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow!

The Push Med Elbow Brace Epi is an arm brace that provides targeted pressure on the tendons & muscles in the forearm. This arm brace supports the tendon attachment and provides pain relief. This is especially desirable when someone suffers from tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow . More about the tennis elbow injury can be found in our blog .

Indications for the Push Med Epi Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
  • Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis)
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Features and Benefits Push Med Epi Arm Brace

The brace consists of the elastic and breathable Sympress material and is provided with a small visco elastic pressure pad. This pressure pad also prevents the brace from sagging

The brace can easily be applied over the arm to just below the elbow. The pressure pad should be applied on the outside of tennis elbow and on the inside of the arm for golfer’s elbow. You close the band so that you feel a comfortable pressure.


The Push Med Epi is available in one size and can be worn on the left or right .




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