Össur Rebound Foot-Up Shoeless Accessory



This shoeless accessory is an additional product that fits the Ossur Rebound Foot-up Folding Foot Brace. You wear this accessory around your foot and attach it to the Rebound Foot-up, so that your foot is also lifted when you walk without shoes.


Ossur Rebound Foot Up Shoeless Accessory Drop Foot Brace

The shoeless accessory of the Rebound Foot up Dropfoot Brace from Ossur is the renewed and improved version of the Shoeless Bandage . This new lightweight version is simply distinguished by a firmer and stronger material and a higher wearing comfort. In short; a much more sustainable investment! The band around the foot is made of a strong combination of nylon & spandex and has a micro-Velcro closure. In addition, the strap at the front is double stitched and can be connected continuously to the strap around the ankle .

Indication settings shoeless bandage drop foot brace

  • Drop foot / drop foot
  • (Partial) foot lifter paresis (due to nerve damage)
  • Neurological conditions affecting the foot lifter muscles
  • Status after trauma after which a foot lifter’s palsy has occurred
  • rooster step
Support class_2_probrace

Features and benefits Drop foot brace shoeless accessory

  • Easy to put on independently
  • Infinitely adjustable -double stitched- strap!
  • Micro-Velcro closure (almost no dirt sticks to it)
  • Extra soft and skin-friendly material
  • Without wearing shoes your foot is lifted
  • Lightweight Accessory Drop Foot Brace AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis)
  • Stronger and more durable than ever!

How to measure

The shoeless accessory of the Össur Rebound Foot Up Drop Foot Brace is a One Size product and can be worn on the right or left. Suitable for a foot circumference of 20-28 cm. This accessory is only available in black.

Note: This product only concerns the band around the foot. Would you also like to receive the band around the ankle? This can be ordered separately: The Rebound Foot up Foot Drop Brace .


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One size



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