Össur FormFit Heel Spur Night Splint



This night splint is a prefabricated night splint / night orthosis for the conservative treatment of heel spurs and Achilles tendon complaints.


Night splint / Night Orthosis – Treatment of Achilles tendon and heel spur complaints

This prefabricated ankle / foot orthosis is a night orthosis for the conservative treatment of plantar fasciitis (heel spurs) and Achilles tendon complaints. This night splint comes standard with an extra ‘wedge’ to give the tendon plate under you an extra stretch. This is strongly recommended for heel spur complaints. The combination with (soft) insoles during the day is recommended for optimal results.

NB: This heel spur night splint can be worn both left and right.

How to use the heel spur night splint:
  • Wear this night orthosis every night for a number of weeks for the best results. Build up noticeable stretch on the underside of the foot when putting on. We have also drawn up a number of good exercises in consultation with our physiotherapists, which can be downloaded here.


  • This night splint comfortably supports the affected foot in a controlled amount of dorsiflexion (the position of the foot when the toes are raised) applying a Low Load Prolonged Stretch (LLPS) to the soft tissues of the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon.
  • The orthosis can break the cycle of injury, pain, and re-injury by limiting contraction of the soft tissues during the night.

Indication settings for the night splint for heel spurs

  • Plantar Fasciitis (Tendonitis)
  • Achilles tendon complaints
  • Dorsiflexion restriction (movement in the ankle joint where the toes of the foot move towards the shin)

Features and benefits of the Ossur night splint

  • The position of the orthosis can be individually adjusted
  • Can be worn both left and right
  • Even pressure under the entire foot (sole)
  • Minimal chance of cramping during the night

Accessories to be added

How to measure

This night splint is easy to measure by means of your shoe size. The table below makes it easy to determine the correct size. This night splint can be worn both left and right.


Measure Shoe size ladies Shoe size Men Orthosis height Base plate length
Small 36-38 36-39 33 cm 24 cm
Medium 39-43 40-44 35 cm 26 cm
Large 44 and above 45 and above 38 cm 28 cm




S, M, L



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