Orliman Umbilical Hernia Belt



This comfortable and affordable umbilical hernia band with pressure pad provides extra pressure in the navel region in the event of an umbilical hernia. Very desirable for an umbilical hernia. Nowhere cheaper!


Orliman Umbilical Rupture Band – Invisible under clothing!

An umbilical hernia is a subcutaneous bulge (hernia) of the peritoneum through an opening (fracture) or other weak spot in the abdominal wall. With increasing pressure in the abdominal cavity when laughing, crying, sneezing, etc., the swelling can bulge out and become larger. Normally this is not painful. Is there suddenly severe pain? Can the swelling not be pushed back? Then the fracture is usually in a pinch. Acute surgery will be necessary to prevent tissue death. Fortunately, this rarely happens.

To prevent the umbilical hernia from growing, it is important to put constant pressure on the fracture region. The Orliman Navel Rupture Band has been specially made for this. This comfortable bandage for the navel is made of a breathable material, provided with a soft navel pad. The bandage closes with a simple Velcro fastener, making the umbilical hernia almost invisible under clothing.

Indications Orliman Umbilical hernia band

  • Umbilical hernia (umbilical hernia)
  • Abdominal fracture around the navel
  • Support of the abdominal wall

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Properties and advantages Umbilical hernia band

  • Comfortable breathable fabric
  • Easy to wear under clothing
  • Invisible under clothing
  • Movable soft silicone pad (covered with soft terry cloth)
  • Easy to wash

How do you measure the Orliman Umbilical Rupture Band?  

For proper operation and high comfort, it is important to determine the correct size umbilical hernia band. This is very simple for the Orliman Umbilical hernia band. You measure the circumference of your waist, where you will wear the umbilical hernia. Then find the matching size in the table below. When in doubt between two sizes, we recommend the smaller of the two.

Measure Circumference of the waist (in cm)
1 / S 60-95 cm
2 / L 95 – 125 cm
3 / XL 125-150 cm


  • Place the umbilical hernia tape on your bed, lie on the umbilical hernia tape and then close it with the Velcro fastener. By putting the umbilical hernia on while lying down, you have less stress on the umbilical hernia and you can close the umbilical hernia more easily!
  • Wash the umbilical hernia band with a hand wash and then let it air dry!
  • Close the Velcro when taking off the umbilical hernia to preserve the material!




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