Orliman Dupuytren Finger Splint

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The solution for Dupuytren’s disease, Osteoarthritis or a Triggerfinger is a finger splint from the Orliman brand. This elastic finger splint / brace provides a stretch and stabilization of your finger (s)!


Orliman morbus Dupuytren Finger splint – The best finger stretch splint!

The Orliman Dupuytren Finger Splint is a commonly used stretch splint to treat Morbus Dupuytren . Dupuytren’s disease causes your fingers to be increasingly flexed, due to the connective tissue hardening of the connective tissue plate in your palm. This so-called flexion contracture can be a major hindrance to your daily activities. The finger splint ensures that your fingers are stretched in order to prevent the bending position of the fingers. By stretching the connective tissue strands in the hand, the hand and fingers become more mobile and you feel less restricted during daily activities.

Indications for wearing the Dupuytren finger splint

In addition to Dupuytren, this finger splint can also be used with:
  • Osteoarthritis / wear of the hand
  • After-treatment of a mallet finger / hammer finger
  • A trigger finger / spring finger
  • A snapping finger / spring finger
  • A pulley rupture / climbing finger
  • Bruises, strains, fractures and contractures of the hand and fingers
  • (Nightly) support
  • Dislocation of the finger (s)
  • Post-operative immobilization therapy
  • Scars (from burns)
  • Bursitis
  • Other injuries that lead to a flexion contracture / bending position of your hand and / or fingers

Support class 3

Features and benefits of the Dupuytren finger splint

  • A rigid support of the fingers
  • Adjustable / interchangeable per finger (s)
  • Removable and adjustable ‘ribs’ for a custom fit of the fingers


Determine your size of the Dupuytren finger splint

The correct size is very important to prevent irritation and pressure points. You can determine the size by measuring the length of your fingers and the size of your hand (see image below). Four different sizes are possible: S / 1, M / 2, L / 3 and XL / 4. When you are on a limit size, we advise you to order the smaller size.

Size chart dupuytren finger splint

Note: the Dupuytren finger splint comes standard with 3 finger splints.


  • Always close the Velcro strips after use to prevent tangles and contamination of the Velcro fasteners
  • Preferably wash the finger splint by hand or in a laundry net / pillowcase on a delicate wash program. Allow to air dry, do not spin!




S, M, L, XL


Left, Right

Support classification


2 reviews for Orliman Dupuytren Finger Splint

  1. Judy Adams-


  2. M. Touw-

    Om mijn bewegingsvrijheid wat te vergroten (ik heb zelf een hamervinger) heb ik deze brace besteld. Op aanraden van Probrace een maat kleiner besteld dan normaal, en met succes: zit lekker en klittenband sluit goed! Bedankt.

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