Orliman Boxia Shoeless Accessory



Thanks to this shoeless bandage, it is possible to wear the Boxia foot brace even without a lace-up shoe or even without a shoe. Please note: this is an accessory for the Boxia foot brace!


Boxia Shoeless Bandage – Even without shoes supporting your foot!

This Shoeless bandage is a separately available accessory for the Boxia folding foot orthosis and can not be used in combination with the Foot-up folding foot orthosis . This Shoeless bandage can be used instead of the standard lace inlay of the Boxia . Note: this only concerns the part that is around the foot, not that which is around the ankle. The part that surrounds the ankle is the Boxia folding foot orthosis .

Thanks to this extra Shoeless bandage you are able to use the Boxia folding foot brace in shoes without lacing or in slippers, ballerinas or even with bare feet or socks.

Support class 2

Dimensions for the Boxia shoeless bandage

You can easily determine your size yourself. For this you only have to measure the size of your foot in the middle of the instep. You can then determine the correct size in the table below.

Foot circumference Measure
17 – 21 cm 1
21 – 25 cm 2
25 – 29 cm 3

Note: The Shoeless bandage is available in a left and a right version in black and beige.





1, 2, 3


Left, Right

Support classification



  1. Sluijs Van Nel-

    Ik kan hiermee beter mijn voet optillen bij het lopen zonder schoenen.

  2. Sediel Berwers-

    Heel fijn om op sokken of blote voeten te kunnen lopen zonder te struikelen.

  3. Antoinette van Campen-

    Deze accessoire extra bij de Boxia klapvoet orthese gekocht op advies van jullie. Bevalt erg goed moet ik zeggen. Dank u wel.

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