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Op zoek naar de perfecte kniebrace voor sport? De Medi Genumedi ® E⁺motion® Performance kniebrace is precies wat je nodig hebt! Met zijn ergonomische sportbreiwerk, Merino wol en Dry Skin technologie biedt deze brace verbeterde stabiliteit, kracht en massage in de gebreide stof. Geschikt voor zowel mannen als vrouwen, is dit de ideale sportbandage voor compressie van zacht weefsel bij de knie. Verlicht pijn, vermindert zwelling en verbeter je prestaties met de Genumedi® E⁺motion® Performance kniebrace!


Medi E⁺motion Genumedi performance knee brace for sports

Are you looking for a suitable sports brace for your knee? Then the Medi Genumedi® E⁺motion® Performance knee brace for sports in black is a great choice. With its unique combination of compression material, ergonomic sports knit, improved stability, and contemporary sporty design, this sports knee brace provides ultimate support during physical activities. Whether you’re engaging in an intense workout or simply seeking extra stability, this sports bandage is a must-have. Trust in the performance of Genumedi® E⁺motion® and give your knees the protection they deserve. Discover it yourself and enhance your sports performance!

Comfortable knee bandage for optimal support during sports

With the Genumedi® E+motion® sports bandage from Medi, you are assured of comfortable and reliable support for your knee during sports. Thanks to the use of Merino wool and Dry Skin technology, you can enjoy pleasant wear comfort and optimal moisture management. Moreover, the ergonomic sports knit provides improved stability, strength, and massage in the knitted fabric. Wear the knee brace for running, walking, jogging, cycling, and fitness. The black knee bandage is also suitable for sports such as soccer, korfball, hockey, basketball, and judo.

Features and benefits of the Genumedi® knee sports bandage

– Compression of soft tissue around the knee joint
– Improve your stability and strength during sports with the Genumedi® E+motion® sports bandage.
– Experience top quality and comfort with the ergonomic sports knit.
– Enjoy the benefits of Merino wool and Dry Skin technology for optimal thermoregulation
– Suitable for both men and women, the perfect sports bandage for you.
– Feel safe and protected during intensive movements with the improved stability of the knitted fabric
– Reduce swelling and improve proprioception with the integrated 3D silicone quartz pad
– Suitable for various indications, such as mild instability, osteoarthritis, and arthritis
– Better control and stabilization of the joint with the Genumedi® E+motion® sports bandage
– Noticeably more stability and strength in the knit
– Knee bandage in black color

Safety and stability during extreme movements

With the Medi Genumedi® E+motion® sports bandage, you will feel safe and stable even during extreme movements. The bandage provides an extra high level of stability thanks to the use of performance material, a perfect fit, and a special knitted fabric. Additionally, the integrated 3D silicone quartz pad supports the reduction of swelling and improves proprioception for better control and stabilization of the joint.

Effective support for various knee problems

Whether you suffer from mild instability, joint wear, or knee joint inflammation, the Genumedi® E+motion® sports bandage provides effective support for various knee problems. The bandage with local patella pads provides soft tissue compression and relief of anterior knee pain. Moreover, the bandage is suitable for both men and women, allowing every sports enthusiast to benefit from optimal support during sports.

Performance MATERIAL with high wearing comfort thanks to Merino Wool

This sports wrist brace offers improved stability, strength, and massage in the knitted fabric, for both men and women. Merino Wool is natural, odor-resistant, and regulates temperature. Because it is finished on the inside, there is no pilling effect, even after repeated washing. The PERFORMANCE MATERIAL ensures effective moisture wicking. Merino wool is wool without ‘mulesing’. Mulesing is the painful process for sheep, which means greater animal welfare.

– Mulesing-free Merino wool
– Moisture-regulating Dry Skin technology, thanks to Merino wool
– Merino wool works thermoregulating and odor-inhibiting
– Perfect fit due to the ergonomic sports knit
– No pilling effect

Performance FIT for a perfect fit

Thanks to the combination of merino wool and Dry Skin technology, this bandage offers a high level of wearing comfort, while the ergonomic fit ensures safety and freedom of movement.

– Ergonomic fit and XL movement zone with anti-slip system ensuring the sports bandage fits securely and nearly wrinkle-free
– Stretch ribbed cuff for comfortable fit
– Anti-slip system keeping the bandage in place during every movement
– Performance fit makes the bandage suitable for almost any upper arm size
– Specially developed material for sporting activities (10% thinner and 25% stronger than comparable materials)

Performance COMPRESSION for compression

This knee compression bandage reduces swelling and hematomas and improves proprioception for better joint stabilization.

– Suitable for compression of soft tissue with profile cushions at the knee
– 3D silicone quartz pads for massage and swelling reduction
– Removable band with pressure scale for adjustable compression
– The highly elastic material has high resilience and a very compact mesh structure.

Indications for Epicomed® E+motion® knee sports bandage

– Mild instability
– Osteoarthritis
– Arthritis
– Patellofemoral pain syndrome
– Osgood Schlatter
– Knee bandage for support in sports such as soccer, basketball, fitness, motocross, running, hockey, cycling, and skiing

Ondersteuning 2 Probrace


Determining Your Size

Measure the circumference above and below your knee and refer to the table to determine your size.

Maatname Medi Emotion Genumedi Kniebrace SportMaatname Medi Emotion Genumedi Kniebrace Sport

Standard Size Circumference above the knee (inches) Circumference below the knee (inches)
1 14.57 – 15.75 9.84 – 11.02
2 15.75 – 16.93 11.02 – 12.20
3 16.93 – 18.11 12.20 – 13.39
4 18.11 – 19.29 13.39 – 14.57
5 19.29 – 20.47 14.57 – 15.75
6 20.47 – 21.65 15.75 – 16.93
7 21.65 – 22.83 16.93 – 18.11


Size Extra Wide Circumference above the knee (inches) Circumference below the knee (inches)
3 18.11 – 19.29 12.20 – 13.39
4 19.29 – 20.47 13.39 – 14.57
5 20.47 – 21.65 14.57 – 15.75
6 21.65 – 22.83 15.75 – 16.93
7 22.83 – 24.02 16.93 – 18.11


Weight 0,2 kg

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Merino wool, Polyamide, Elastane, Polyester

Suitable for

Men, Women, Unisex


Standard Size, Extra Wide


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Frequently asked questions

Who is the Genumedi® E⁺motion® Performance knee bandage suitable for?

The Genumedi® E⁺motion® Performance knee bandage is suitable for both men and women who need support and compression in the knee joint.

What materials is the knee bandage made of?

The knee bandage is made of polyamide, polyester, elastane and merino wool. The use of merino wool provides odor-inhibiting and thermoregulating properties.

What advantages does the Genumedi® E⁺motion® sports bandage offer?

The Genumedi® E⁺motion® sports bandage offers improved stability, strength and massage in the knitted fabric. It can also reduce swelling and improve proprioception. This contributes to the control and stabilization of the joint.

For which indications can the Genumedi® E⁺motion® sports bandage be used?

The sports bandage can be used for indications such as mild instability, joint wear (osteoarthritis), joint inflammation (arthritis) and anterior knee pain (patellofemoral pain syndrome) of the knee.

What are the features of the Genumedi® E⁺motion® sports bandage?

The sports bandage has an ergonomic shape and a secure fit thanks to the Perfect-Fit self-adhesive band. The compression material is thinner and tighter than other knitted fabrics, which provides better body feeling. The 3D silicone quartz pads on both sides of the bandage provide a soothing massage effect and reduce swelling.

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