Kingmed Luxurious Thin Insoles for Women



These Luxury Thin Insoles are ideal for women with forefoot complaints, to support the arch of the foot. Extra thin and specially made for narrow women’s shoes!


Need Kingmed Luxury Thin Insoles for Women?

De Luxe Thin Insoles For Women are insoles, specially developed for use in women’s shoes or other form-fitting footwear. These insoles are anatomically shaped to provide optimal support to the women’s foot and equipped with corrections to solve and prevent the most common foot complaints.

The insoles have an anatomically preformed firm renoflex shell to support the arch of the foot and an orthopedic retrocapital support / forefoot support. This makes the soles optimally suitable for use with a sagging (fore) foot. The soles have a cushioning forefoot pad and heel cup and are finished with a comfortable and wear-resistant Alcantara top layer. This makes the soles ideal for wearing with bare feet or with tights. The underside is also luxuriously finished with a carbon-print coating. The soles are extra thin and easy to wear in narrow shoes!

Insoles for the first time?

The body often has to get used to new (support) soles. The adjustments / corrections of the arch supports can make standing and walking feel different. In order to get used to the new arch supports and to prevent complaints, the arch supports must be broken in according to a schedule. Below you can find three schedules. The wearing time and therefore which schedule works best for you can differ depending on your complaint and the sensitivity of your feet.

To dawn Schedule 1 Schedule 2 Schedule 3
Day 1 0.5 hours 1 hour 2 o’clock
Day 2 1 hour 2 o’clock 4 hours
Day 3 2 o’clock 3 hours 6 hours
Day 4 3 hours 4 hours 8 o’clock
Day 5 4 hours 6 hours The whole day
Day 6 5 hours 8 o’clock
Day 7 6 hours The whole day
Day 8 8 o’clock
Day 9 The whole day

Indications Kingmed Luxury Thin Insoles for Women

  • Metatarsalgia
  • A sagging forefoot
  • Nerve pain (such as a Morton’s Neuroma)
  • Numbness/tingling sensation of the forefoot/toes
  • (Light) flat feet
  • overpronation
  • A collapsed arch of the foot
  • Bunion (lump) in hallux valgus
  • As an affordable alternative to custom orthotics
  • Ankle, knee, hip or back pain (alignment)
  • Wear / osteoarthritis of the ankle joint

Features and benefits Kingmed Luxury Thin Insoles

  • Super price quality ratio
  • A firm renoflex support for the medial vault
  • Comfortable top deck made of Alcantara
  • Can be cut to size at the front for an optimal fit

Determining the size of the Kingmed Luxe Thin Insoles

To determine the correct size, you only need to know your own EU shoe size. Select the correct size above and add it to the shopping cart.

After receipt, you can cut these insoles to size yourself and place them in your shoe. If necessary, use the original sole from your shoe as an example.

NB: Off-the-shelf arch supports are always sold in pairs! Is your size not listed? Please contact us for tailor-made advice.

Tips for the Kingmed Luxury Thin Insoles

  • Give yourself a few days to get used to the correction of the arch supports
  • If possible, always remove the standard interior of the shoe for an optimal fit
  • Regularly (at night) remove the arch supports from the shoe to let it ‘air’
  • If necessary, the soles at the front can be cut to size for your shoes
  • Check out our brochure for additional tips!




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