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Is your big toe leaning and looking for an orthosis to correct the big toe? You wear this night splint during the night to treat a crooked big toe. The orthosis slowly prevents the change of position of the toe by splinting.


Big toe night splint? – Static Hallux Valgus Splint!

This orthosis for the correction of the big toe is used as a conservative treatment for a hallux valgus (crooked big toe). You can use this preventively; to stretch the structures of the big toe, or to splint the big toe after surgery. This is to prevent regrowth of the big toe.

Do you have a crooked big toe? Then this night splint is the solution for you! This night splint is only worn during the night and slowly corrects the position of the big toe by tensioning and stretching the entire haircut of the big toe. This is recommended when you have an operation planned.

Furthermore, this orthosis can also be used after the hallux valgus has been operated on. This night splint is then used to stabilize the big toe. The night splint ensures that the big toe stays splinted during the night and does not grow back slowly. In addition, it is also a good reminder if you get out of bed that your toe has been operated on, and you do not bump your toe quickly against the bed edge or a threshold.

This night splint is easy to put on by means of a Velcro closure and is available in both a right and a left version .

NB: For hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned!

Indications splints hallux valgus

  • Hallux valgus (crooked big toe)
  • Can be used pre-operatively with a hallux valgus
  • Can be used post-operatively with a hallux valgus
  • Lump toe
  • Leaning big toe (cosmetic)
  • Blistering
  • Corns
  • Mold between the toes
  • Wound formation between the first and second toes
  • Corns
  • Other conditions in which the big toe needs to be splinted
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Features and benefits hallux valgus night splint

  • Easy to use
  • In a left or right variant (or both)
  • Velcro fastening mechanism
  • Reduces friction between the big and the second toe
  • Ventilating material
  • Easy to wash

How to measure

This hallux valgus night splint is available in 1 size and in a right and a left version . You can also choose to wear both at the same time . Then choose ‘Left and Right’ .

NB: For hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned!




Left, Left & Right, Right

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2 reviews for GO Medical Hallux Valgus Night Splint

  1. Simons Alfonsine-

    Zeer tevreden over mijn product en vooral dat ik het ‘ s nachts kan dragen .

  2. Jasper-

    Zit comfortabel en doet zijn werk. Mijn hallux valgus is al een stuk minder! Super!

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