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Does your child suffer from neck pain? The neck brace for children made of firm foam from E-Life offers support and relief in acute neck pain by limiting neck movement and reducing pressure in the spinal column. The Velcro closure makes the neck brace adjustable and easy to customize, for an ideal fit.


E-Life Neck Collar for Children for Comfort and Support

Is your child experiencing acute neck pain or minor muscle spasms? The E-Life cervical neck brace for children is made of sturdy and breathable foam, providing support for various neck conditions!

Sturdy Foam Neck Collar Relieves Pain and Pressure on the Spine

The E-Life neck brace made of sturdy foam is anatomically designed for a comfortable and supportive fit that supports the spine. The neck collar is made of high-quality materials and is of medical grade. The non-rigid cervical collar supports the jaw and neck while limiting mobility to relieve pressure on the spine and neck muscles.

Anatomically Shaped for an Optimal Fit

Ideal for acute neck pain and minor muscle spasms, thanks to the Velcro closure, the fit is easily adjustable. The neck collar is anatomically shaped, ensuring a close fit to the chin and jaw for optimal pressure distribution and maximum comfort.

Functions and Features of Neck Support

  • Neck brace specially designed for children
  • Relieves pain and pressure in the cervical spine (neck)
  • Comfortable medical-grade neck support for optimal support
  • The neck brace prevents movement to promote recovery in acute neck pain
  • Sturdy foam neck collar covered with stockinette (tricot cover)
  • Easy to wash
  • Adjustable medical-grade neck brace with Velcro closure for easy adjustment and optimal fit

Indications for Using the E-Life Neck Collar

  • Acute neck pain
  • Cervical osteoarthritis
  • Minor muscle spasms associated with spondylosis

How to Fit the E-Life Neck Brace?
E Life Neck Brace Cervical Neck Collar Made of Sturdy Foam SizingThe children’s neck brace is available in one size and easy to adjust with Velcro closure for an ideal fit. Below is a table showing the dimensions of the neck brace suitable for children.

Neck Circumference Height of Neck Collar
25 – 30.5cm 6.3 cm



Weight 0,2 kg

One size



Suitable For



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Frequently asked questions

How can the E-Life cervical neck brace made of firm foam help with neck pain?

The E-Life firm foam neck brace provides support and relief for acute neck pain by limiting neck movement and reducing pressure in the spine.

Is the E-Life neck brace suitable for use during sleep?

Yes, the neck brace can be worn comfortably during sleep and helps to relieve pain and pressure in the spine while you rest.

Hoe wordt de nekbrace van E-Life bevestigd en aangepast?

The neck brace has a Velcro closure that allows you to easily adjust the fit for maximum support and comfort.

Is the E-Life neck support made of high-quality materials?

Yes, the neck support is made of top materials and provides comfortable support without restricting mobility, thanks to the light and durable foam.

For what purposes is the E-Life cervical neck brace made of firm foam mainly used?

The neck brace is mainly used for relieving pain and pressure in the spine, support for minor muscle spasms and protection while wearing a halo application.