E-life CMC Thumb Support



The E-life CMC Thumb Brace is a stable, yet flexible thumb brace for the CMC joint. This thumb brace sits securely around the CMC joint, but the green silicone sits between the thumb and index finger. This makes it a very comfortable thumb brace!


E-life CMC Thumb Support

The CMC Thumb Brace from E-life stabilizes the thumb joint in case of thumb pain. The silicone & plastic shell surrounds the saddle joint of the thumb and ensures that it is stabilized. The plastic part sits around the saddle joint (the thumb mouse) and provides stability and protection. The green part of silicone is located between ‘the web’ between the thumb and the index finger. This is softer material, which ensures that this thumb brace is very comfortable. The strap that secures the thumb brace is easy to close by means of micro Velcro. Wearing this thumb brace ultimately ensures that the pain is less and that a recovery is speeded up.

Indications E-life CMC Thumb Brace

  • Thumb instability
  • Osteo(arthrosis) of the thumb
  • Rheumatism on the thumb
  • Thumb pain and desire to support/stabilize the thumb
  • A ski thumb

Klasse 2

Features and benefits E-life CMC Thumb Brace

  • Plastic thumb support and soft silicone support between thumb and index finger
  • Not restricting the movement of the thumb and other fingers
  • This product may get wet
  • Easy to put on yourself
  • Very high wearing comfort!

How do you measure the E-life CMC Thumb Brace?

The E-life CMC Thumb Brace is available in sizes S – L and is available in a right and left variant. You determine your size by measuring the circumference of your hand. Then you can read your size in the table below. Are you in doubt between two sizes? Then we recommend the larger of the two.

E Life Cmc Meten Probrace

Size  Circumreference of the hand
S   16 – 19 cm
M   19 – 23 cm
L   23 – 26 cm


Tips for the E-life CMC Thumb Support!

  • The E-life CMC Thumb Brace is easy to keep clean by cleaning it with a damp cloth. The belt can also be washed. Preferably through a hand wash, but it is also allowed in the washing machine. Close the Velcro straps.
  • The E-life CMC Thumb Brace is a stable, yet flexible thumb brace with a hard plastic core and a silicone inside.
  • If you suffer from a pressure spot or an edge of the E-life CMC Thumb Brace, that is of course very annoying. For this, we offer the option of purchasing an undersleeve in our range, so that you no longer suffer from this.



S, M, L


Left, Right


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